Shipping Container Building Supports

The shipping container house that we designed in New Haven, Connecticut is now complete. But I wanted to share his video of some of its construction as it does show how certain parts of the shipping container home are made.


As you can see the formations of the windows are made from angle as well as steel supports being added to not only strengthen the central section of the shipping container home but also to help with the joining of the shipping containers.

20ft Shipping containers for sale P60,000 each may vary in price recommend email for confirmation of availability–Cebu, Philippines




Part of the shipping container housing we are looking to do is to encourage others to get involved and DIY (do it yourself!) which is why this project has come up which is basically we supply “SECONDHAND” containers at P60,000 each now these have been used and will be battered in some way no doubt but you have to remember your cladding over the exterior/interior and on top of that they were designed for ship travelling in some of the worst conditions on the planet. Doesn’t mean they are going to be battered to death but it does mean that your buying a pretty indestructible module if you take care of it. Rust issues will be minimalized due to the type of steel involved and like most things its all about preparation rather than finish.

So if your looking for a 20ft container they are P60,000+ delivery we also provide 40ft but due to the road conditions within Cebu I would recommend buying 2 20ft and welding them together as getting a truck with HIAB (crane) is possible or even using a forklift or backhoe to unload and move to final destination where as using 40ft containers the issues become more complex.

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20ft Dry Freight Shipping Container Dimensions

shipping container dimensions

20ft Dry Freight Shipping Containers are one of the easiest building blocks when looking at shipping container homes. Welding two side by side offer up a more functional living area than the initial 8ft length in each. Always check your local haulier for the cost of delivering the units from your supplier as well as making sure you have good access for the delivery of the 20ft Dry Freight Shipping Containers


Maximum Gross Weight: 67,200 lbs.
Tare Weight: 4,850 lbs.
Payload: 62,350 lbs.
Capacity: 1,164 cu. ft.

Internal Dimensions

Length: 19′ 2"
Width: 7′ 6"
Height: 7′ 8"

External Dimensions

Length: 19′ 10"
Width: 8′
Height: 8′ 6"

Door Opening

Width: 7′ 6"
Height: 7′ 4"