Shipping Container Turned Luxury Tent

Ok not exactly a tent and it isn’t exactly camping but this is why they call it glamping a mix of luxury living with the essence of camping. The shipping container configuration though is one I like extremely as the L shape offers up a bit of privacy while being in an open space. Ideally suited to a weekend retreat rather than home living unless your prepared for a minimalist lifestyle but one of the best ways to maximise two 20ft shipping containers I have seen.

Alterra offers rooms in refurbished shipping containers in the woods of Pinamar, an upscale beach resort 350 kilometers south-east from Buenos Aires. Due to its nature and design its more inline with a hotel or hostel than any campsite you will come across but I suppose that’s the idea. The wealthy can afford to pay for a bit more at the same time still want to be in touch with nature and relax without being in a large scale hotel full of other people.

The design was done by local architect Clorindo Testa which is housed on a 32,000sqft lot which also includes an art gallery. The mix of traditional construction home and adjoining shipping containers at the main house is also an interesting blend as it does show how easily the shipping containers can become part of a home.

The containers are also recycled and use energy efficient lighting as well as appliances. No trees were removed either the containers were placed around them which is also another good thing. If your thinking glamping at Alterra is for you be aware that the starting price of a container is $250 per night.

Small Modern Modular House Design

When looking at modular or shipping container homes every now and again you come across something amazingly unique and different that change all the rules you were originally working with. This modular home is built more with the outdoor person in mind or as a weekend retreat than a main home. At the same time I could imagine a small cluster of these types of dwellings in a rural setting or along a beachfront very easily. This home was designed by Tommie Wilhelmsen and the first photograph is a bit deceiving on size but once entering the home you can start to see everything is functional. The unique kitchen design along the sitting room wall, the book cases along the wall with a large seating area which could no doubt double as a spare bed. Then the overhanging canopy bedroom which brings a bit of shade over the house entrance to create a quiet external sitting area.

Small Modern Modular House Design Small Modern Modular House Design Small Modern Modular House Design Small Modern Modular House Design

Shipping Container Pool Room

There is something about the bright green mixed amongst a natural background making these shipping container buildings look fresh and inviting. The other thing I like about the first building is the number of pools I have been to in the Philippines that have very poorly built shower areas to wash off in that you often feel its a last resort going in them. These types of buildings are much easier to maintain as well as cheap to install. For the private pool or weekend retreat it creates a great spot to just chill out or get changed. Either way another great use of recycled shipping containers.

shipping container changing rooms shipping container pool room bright shipping container design shipping container garden retreat

Shipping container home on a tight budget, also suitable for bird watchers


What I loved about this house is its simply practical. There is no big expense spent on it and its obviously someone who has either a keen interest in nature or like getting away from it all. The video is also shot in sections so you can see the home develop over the length of the video. Not the most complex of designs but its obvious that its functionality was more important to the owner and part of the buildings charm. I could imagine having a place like this up in the mountains as a weekend retreat to just sit and watch the wildlife and the days go by.


shipping container home

10 best shipping container homes (small)

D3 Architects - France

1st place has to go to D3 Architects for this unique home design that is not only functional but very modern.

BlueBrown - Thailand

2nd place goes to Blue Brown for their modern home design utilizing a second roof as well as maximizing their floor area.

Krabi province - Thailand home and restaurant

3rd places goes to this Restaurant and home in Thailand that puts practical and functional to the test. Small floor area but the added spaces and canopies make this place look a lot bigger than it really is.

Port a bach - container home New Zealand

4th Place goes to Port A Bach in New Zealand mainly down to maximizing the containers usage and space. Best use of space I have seen yet.

Cove Park artist retreat - Scotland

5th place goes to Cove Park’s artists retreats as they blend in with their surroundings as much as possible at the same time very functional homes.Container retreat – Hybrid architecture Seattle

6th Place goes to Seattle for the C320 home by Hybrid Architecture for this modern retreat.

Container home – Modular weeHouse – Wisconsin USA

7th Place goes to the U.S.A. with this modular home that is ideal as a holiday retreat or for those loving the outdoor life.Research facility and accommodation - Queensland Australia

8th Goes to Queensland Australia for this very functional and practical building that puts usage before anything else every part of the container is utilized to the needs of the research site.

Container House in Texas by Jim Poteet

9th Place goes to Texas for this artists home/work area which is cozy by design as well as offers a pleasant home that doesn’t leave a blot on the landscape.

Container retreat Sri lanka     

10th Place goes to Sri Lanka for this retreat maximizing local materials to form up a second level as well as offering a practical weekend retreat.

Container retreat – Hybrid architecture Seattle

Cargotecture as Hybrid Architecture describes it offers large low-cost prefab housing solutions based on a vision of sustainability and a modular approach. Which to be honest i agree with. This building called the c320 Studio is ideal for a weekend retreat or a small home. It has a bathroom and separate sleeping area as part of the 2 x 20ft container home. While still managing to not stick out too much even though bright orange in this riverside location.

Container retreat - Hybrid Architecture Seattle

Container retreat - Hybrid Architecture Seattle Container retreat - Hybrid Architecture Seattle Container retreat - Hybrid Architecture Seattle