Container Gardening

container gardening

When I started container gardening myself I could see the benefits for having a small space and being able to grow some of our own food. But as you look into it further its surprising where you can grow food in containers. Take for example on top of your air conditioning unit. In an old sink, or pretty much anywhere that has enough space to plant a crop and won’t cause damage to the building or equipment.

In shipping container living adapting roof and wall space for container gardens is often overlooked but something that can be easily done with extra benefits. First one is those who don’t like the look of the metal container wall start to see it disappear amongst your food crops and plants. Secondly its shade that helps reduce heat build up on your shipping container home. Add to that a hobby that is not only interesting to many but offers up a fruitful supply of various types of food on a regular basis. Container gardening has many advantages and not as difficult as it may seem to get one started.

Towel rail for shipping container homes

towel rail for shipping container home

Using a pole type towel rail offers a few advantages over sticking a bar straight across the wall. First one being is you can put it in a place that it can swing between two points so instead of it taking up a wall space you can for example have it hanging into midair to allow towels to dry quicker (doubling it up as an airer) at the same time when the space is needed you can swing it against the shower door for example. If you get one or build one with slotted bars that you can lift up so it folds flat when its not in use the rail would only be taking up the space of a vertical pole. I know bathrooms are generally small in container homes which is why when I looked at the rails this type of design seemed to fit most peoples needs without taking up wasted space.