Box Park – United Kingdom “Pop up Mall”

BOX PARK 08/2011 from Roger Wade on Vimeo.

The concept and idea is simple interconnecting 40 shipping containers to form up small shop units and literally have a “pop up mall”. Advantage in the concept is utilization of land that won’t be developed for at least 5 years allowing quick temporary and functional usage at a low cost. Putting waste land to work and at the same time creating jobs and an increased retail environment for the local community.

boxpark - shipping container mall

Shipping Container “Music Box” – 2011 Manchester International Festival, UK

shipping container music box - manchester UK

BDP Architects worked together with festival organisers to come up with the music box for the 2011 Manchester International Festival in the UK.

Arranged at the Salford Quay Docks in Manchester the Music Box also brought with it performance spaces, theatre space, and recording studios. On top of that interactive and creative spaces. The containers were finished off with recycled truck tarpaulins to provide shade and protection from any rain showers.

Manchester houses a major port for the United Kingdom and it made perfect sense to introduce the “music box” by utilising the materials available nearby that can be reused that being the shipping containers that transport things in and out of the country.

BDP Architects

shipping container music box - manchester shipping container music box - manchester shipping container music box - manchester shipping container cinema

Constructing a Prefabricated house in 6hrs – United Kingdom

Back in the UK its good to see the 6hrs construction going in, I came from the construction trade and spent years in modular as well as exhibition carpentry. The fact a house can be located within 6 hours shows how good modular construction as well as shipping container homes can be if done on a mass production. Dropping houses in one after the other. This home had its interior finished that day and part of the following, at the same time having several teams dropping these types of modular homes you could literally be looking at a completed house every 2 days after released from factory making it a quick turnaround to live in.