Space the next frontier

Space the next frontier is the real problem that puts people off living in a shipping container home. The thing is how much space is enough? The dimensions of a shipping container home aren’t ideal due to its width if the building was actually shorter and wider it could probably encourage more interest for people. But then again if its utilized properly surely even that doesn’t matter as people live in narrow boats without any problem.

Its all about changing peoples perspectives as well as spending a bit of time in the mobile home and boating industries to see what they do about bed space and everything else to maximize the smallest of areas without compromising on quality and functionality.

A Plasma or LCD TV for example probably takes up 1/5th of the same space as the old CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) yet people instead of regaining space move up from a 22” to a 60” which makes sense on a blank wall but if its taking up more space inside a giant TV unit except for the viewing pleasure what else was the benefit of a reduced size TV?

If you look at coffee tables, dining tables etc. most of the time they are actually in the way are they needed full-time or can something be done to adjust the space they take up or even double function such as a coffee table being a lidded box instead of just somewhere to stick a cup.


how to make a home from shipping containers – 2 x 20ft – concept & design by Keith Dewey & Craig Arnatt

how to make a home from shipping containers - 2x20ft - concept and design by Keith Dewey and Craig Arnatt

This is the 02 Design which i thought would be worth posting for people to get an idea of how you can make a simple home with 2 x 20ft containers. As you can see its functional but also there is a lot of wasted space that could be utilized but it still fits!

For an example of how to work things out generally I would go for the number of people living in the house plus one when it comes to seating. As there is only a double bed in this house and living room seating for 6 you can half that space. Dining table could be set for 2 with a fold down table so that more seating could be added if needed rather than taking up 1/4 of the home. Sofa bed or Murphy bed would be more practical than a double bed that looks like its stuck in the middle of the sitting room. Not an ideal plan for me this one but at the same time like I said its all in there and with excess. If creating open plan in the sitting room/bedroom I would go with a divider after reducing the amount of seating as this will allow wardrobe space in the bedroom and a TV unit in the sitting room as well as small storage.

But the important thing is here is you can see how it can be done at the same time having a canvass to work from you can also plan out how you would do it.