Pop Up Shipping Container Accommodation By FLEXOTEL

Here in the Philippines there is always a shortage of budget accommodation. Everyone is aiming for the market of around P8,000+ per month rental yet the average worker is earning less than that. Looking for accommodation in the region of P800 – P1,500 a month. Maybe cheap but doesn’t mean they are a bum often they are working away from home and just need someone to rest,wash and eat. People that work in the malls etc are a typical example of people needing accommodation on the cheap. These pop up shipping containers could make an ideal solution as the 20ft you see in the video is suitable for 2 x bunk rooms in real terms P4,000 a month income if at full capacity. The technology in this may seem a bit complicated but often the issue here in the Philippines is transportation costs. If you can stack these units in 4 it would save me P15,000 just in transportation of the truck that could normally only carry one. I can see these being useful for many things including temporary accommodation for festivals where often people are willing to pay over the odds for a little bit of luxury. Great idea and well put together by Flexotel.

Shipping container homes in Japan – Tsunami disaster relief

Ex-Container project is a joint effort to deal with the widespread displaced populations after the recent earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan. Rapid constructive, quick to site and cheap are all positive reasons that made containers the ideal home to be implimented for the housing crisis. Although this isn’t reusing shipping containers but in fact fabricating new ones to fit in with Japanese regulations it also help speed up the completion times of homes as well as reduce unneeded materials. E.g. if you look at the photo below you can see 3/4 of the floor space is missing as the container below it has the floor/ceiling. This reduces transportation costs and gets the units to where they are needed quicker. The information on where the units came from is a bit sketchy but a previous project quotes a factory in Thailand which would make sense with the current issues within Japan affecting its manufacturing industries.

Reading up on the buildings they are only allowed to be sited for a maximum of 2 years due to Japanese construction codes. Although hopefully by this time the displaced people would have started to rebuild their lives and their buildings. At the same time I do wonder where all the units will go afterwards, I know in the UK we move them around site to site for construction work and I could see this being the case of utilizing these buildings in some other way than just stacking them up incase of another disaster.


shipping container home being dropped into place - Japan container home being constructed in Thailand container homes japan container homes japanex-container project - JapanBayside Marina Hotel (Yokohama, Japan)

Locating A Shipping Container Manufacturer

shipping container manufactureOne of the most important things when looking for a shipping container manufacturer is to make sure they construct to ISO standards, this is not to do with safety but more the fact it is unlikely to be moveable by freight on sea or land as the docks and hauliers will reject it due to being awkward to move or in fact not movable by cranes adapted to shipping container usage (they need the shipping container mountings in specific places). As well as this you also need to work into the fact your designs would also be more difficult for your construction project with it not being standardised sizes.

One of the best places to do a search for shipping containers is on globalspec.com an engineers search engine although the information is biast towards the American market. Either way I know many of the readers here are from the U.S. and its a good place to start as you can find new, second user as well as some lease opportunities.

The National Portable Container Association also offers a list but its mainly for leasing,renting or arranging shipping of shipping containers. Still a handy source for advice though.

When looking at the suppliers be aware of your distance from them as getting someone as close to your location is possible when looking to locate a shipping container manufacturer will save you on transportation costs that could quickly add up over long distances.

But also when checking through the manufacturers be aware also that many specialise in specific units e.g. refrigeration as well as specific dimensions. This is often geared towards they’re larger customers as well as the equipment and locations to suit they’re needs. So specify what you want as well as check they are able to accommodate the shipping container units your looking for. Sizes generally come in 20ft and 40ft but companies may offer variants depending on the order and client. They should always be waterproof,rustproof and coated with a good quality long lasting marine paint. Inspect other units they have in process to assess the quality of the welds as well as the other materials being used in the construction including reading up on the paint they use to check the manufacturers guarantee and recommended uses.

One of the best shipping container manufacturers are likely to be carrying out military contracts where specifications are much higher than standard usage. Seeking out such a company is likely to guarantee a high quality product every time. Around this blog you will also find “pre manufactured” units being sold which are from all sorts of markets from the garden office to completely off grid housing and emergency relief. All of these companies in some capacity will be able to provide a shipping container home in some form and maybe worth searching the ones in your area even if your looking to build a shipping container home yourself, as they can no doubt provide some helpful tips and advice.