16 Year Old Builds Mobile Trailer Home–Tiny Home

tiny trailer home

The U.S. since the recession began has had a wake up call to the fact property is over valued but also the fact that getting on the ladder often is not only expensive but like a ball and chain that can financially ruin you if the markets suddenly changed.

16 year old Austin Hay in Sonoma, U.S. has been building a 130 square foot mobile home that he plans to take with him to college and wherever he needs to go from there.

Total cost around $2,500 but more importantly Austin has already got his head screwed on to housing market and being more of a responsible teenager than many adults have been prior to the housing crisis. Starting on a budget home means you can develop as your budget allows without taking on huge debts and its interesting to see that its the younger generations starting to take the lead.

Truck container home

truck container home
















Externally it looks pretty bland and a normal truck with a fixed body. But inside you find its fully fitted out and furnished with a secondary deck for sleeping. Its designed for all-terrain use as well as for mobile living. As the ideas expand for container living so does the opportunities to look at others for inspiration for our own projects.This one shows a touch of luxury that could be achievable either mobile or fixed for container living.

truck container home