Charity pressures councils over million empty homes

This is an odd thing in the UK as there is thousands of houses left empty and the worst offender is the government. Failed regeneration schemes, buying out of buildings for other reasons as well as empty caretaker and other ex use homes from past government posts are laying empty all over the place. Working inside the government housing sector before previously the issues are often more complex than they seem.

First issues are many have been left empty for years meaning for them to be utilized by government for social housing it would require considerable investment for any property due to the strict regulations. E.g. rewiring, re-plumbing,renewing the gas installation including all pipework, renewing bathrooms and kitchens over 25 years old etc. etc. these are all part of “politics”. You see what happened is people started to set housing standards that the government past on to its social housing these standards in general cannot be met for multiple reasons the main one being cash flow but also the quality of tenants isn’t great but their expectations and needs have increased.

What happens then is this situation where councils have properties they can neither renovate or rent out and although some of its down to stupidity often more than not its more to do with the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. I remember an allocated property lot we received from the Royal Air Force for the housing association I was contracted with at the time. They had specific requirements to be brought up to standard yet even the basics were behind coming from another department. E.g. Our guideline is no more than 25 years on a kitchen or bathroom yet every property we received hadn’t had any major work done for at least 35 many still had coal bunkers and exterior toilets. Although they had a new bathroom installed at some point (still well past 35 years ago) which gave them a toilet indoors you get the picture of the state of these homes.

Why is this all relevant to shipping container homes your wondering? It shows the madness of society we live in where there is so much red tape and legislation that even the government creates problems for itself which also means getting your shipping container home through planning may be an initial battle. BUT the important thing here is the more people push through the more acceptable it becomes and the more people can do it. Personally I think there are many developments the social housing sector could benefit from using shipping container homes themselves as a long-term solution if not short-term for the housing shortages in the UK.

The other way to look at it is most of these houses are old and rundown the investment into them would be extremely costly and a stalemate is currently what we are seeing. Often its easier to rip out and start again rather than renovate and the shipping containers are a cheap option to the solution.

Yes this gets away from the green solutions but there are very few options open for these homes currently not in use and over 2 million families regardless as homeless in the UK but its a thing to ponder on how would you fix the problem?

Shipping container home ideal for student or holiday home accommodation.

The concept and design works well. Its maximising space at the same time offering functionality. The only issue I would have with this design myself though is the kitchen area takes up way too much space. Better to limit the kitchen space to the front section and where the sink currently is a double seated dining table would fit well. The sink could fit easily where the breakfast bar is at the front of the unit. Either that or move the kitchen to the back but its likely to have the problems of food smells near the sleeping area as well as the food preparation near the toilet.

But the important thing is you can get an idea of how much you can get into a container with a bit of planning before hacking the thing up. Space has been maximised in this unit as well as the unit looking very modern and clean. It would be perfect for students or having on the edge of a beach somewhere as a rental.

eco tainers shipping container home

Hot Water-Saving Shower, Sink & Toilet Set

The concept of this bathroom is more about water conservation than anything else. Allowing a viewing screen you can actually see how much water your heating up for a shower and thus you can see how much your wasting on electric and water, reducing one will naturally reduce the other. At the same time it struck an idea with me as well for people recycling grey water and/or rain water as it makes just as much sense to go with tanks to show how much water is available and being used every time you use it. Its a stylish modern bathroom and I could see it being utilized in a shipping container home or at least its concept could be. Its definetely something that would make people more aware of how much they are using and in a stylish modern way.

Now the other key feature of this bathroom though is that it conserves water by utilizing the tap water to fill the cistern on the toilet which is another green feature that makes common sense on the shipping container homes just as much as someone’s lush penthouse.

Hot Water-Saving Shower, Sink & Toilet Set

Hot Water-Saving Shower, Sink & Toilet Set

Hot Water-Saving Shower, Sink & Toilet Set

Hot Water-Saving Shower, Sink & Toilet Set