Container Gardening – SNAP Hydroponics From The Philippines

SNAP Hydroponics

SNAP Hydroponics is something that has been developed in the Philippines for sustainable living and livelihood. What makes it a little unique compared to most hydroponics setups is that it doesn’t need any electricity which is a huge difference in money cost for production. Obviously the Philippines climate is a country receiving 12 hours of sunshine as well as constant heat which helps. But the SNAP solution which is mixed with water is a cheap solution for plant production that is initially designed for leafy plants. Maybe this is the first step towards developing different solutions for different types of plant to get maximum growth while still being organic. But for me living out in the Philippines with these lightweight boxes how many would you fit on a shipping container home roof? The boxes themselves come from discarded fruit boxes normally carrying grapes which means your recycling a product that is normally scrapped. How to make a SNAP hydroponics setup from a fruit box can be found here.

Los Angeles home utilizes grills for shade– concept for shipping container home

second skin home, cooling grills for house

This unique home is sitting on the steep slope of Crestwood Hills in Los Angeles. 3,700sq ft. the Jovanovich dream home was developed on existing buildings adding to it sustainable and progressive design and construction methods.

Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects were the guys behind the project, adding a second skin layer to the buildings added an assisted shade that protects the building from Californian sunshine and also works to reduce heat build up in the home as well as offering a privacy screen.

An idea that can also be utilized for shipping container homes to help keep the heat out. Either directly or in a canopy form. Not a shipping container home in design but its the grill concept that I found interesting.

los angeles home