Shipping Container Home Video Australia.

The interesting thing about this style of shipping container home is although purpose built instead of recycled its already complete and ready to go. I see a lot of negative posting about “its too expensive” and how its not pretty. But I think people forget about things like student accommodation, warzones, factory accommodation, construction accommodation, remote areas. Add to that you can pretty much drop and go its a very good home design that is very versatile and useful for many uses. Add to that the building won’t suffer with those nasty Australian termites I can’t really see much negative about it except maybe the pricing but everything is based on use and needs. If you want to have an instant off the shelf home its obviously going to cost a lot more than building a shipping container home from scratch yourself.

Shipping container home ideal for student or holiday home accommodation.

The concept and design works well. Its maximising space at the same time offering functionality. The only issue I would have with this design myself though is the kitchen area takes up way too much space. Better to limit the kitchen space to the front section and where the sink currently is a double seated dining table would fit well. The sink could fit easily where the breakfast bar is at the front of the unit. Either that or move the kitchen to the back but its likely to have the problems of food smells near the sleeping area as well as the food preparation near the toilet.

But the important thing is you can get an idea of how much you can get into a container with a bit of planning before hacking the thing up. Space has been maximised in this unit as well as the unit looking very modern and clean. It would be perfect for students or having on the edge of a beach somewhere as a rental.

eco tainers shipping container home

Student container home accommodation in Amsterdam (biggest container village in Europe)

This is another video showing the practical side to container living especially for people such as students but could just as easily be setup for city workers who just need accommodation during the week or budget hotels. Either way this video shows how quickly and easily setting the whole thing up can be done especially when most of the fitting out is done in advance of the arrival of the units.

Amsterdam shipping container village

Inside Shipping Container Student Accommodation

Odd thing about these modular units are they seem very narrow but still very functional. A great option in comparison to one of the students current accommodation which is something people forget. Especially in towns and cities with a high student population any spare room suddenly becomes a studio apartment making a shoebox home an overpriced reality. These shipping container solutions are no doubt on par with the rent but the space,design and functionality are a lot better as they are designed round the student usage rather than a room conversion that as you see in the video is an attic space where the bathroom is next to the kitchenette a horrible setup.