Garden Shipping Container Retreat

Mike Corvi from Portland Oregon purchased a used shipping container for $2,900. He utilised a local builder with a few friends to convert the shipping container into an outdoor retreat in his back garden within 6 weeks.

shipping container retreat

$8,000 later the shipping container was finished, but that isn’t where it stopped as Mike enjoyed doing it so much he’s looking at setting up a small business developing and selling them to other people.

Photo Credit Kraig Scattarella/The Oregonian

shipping container retreat shipping container retreat

Building off grid a home for the weekend

One of the big advantages people forget when looking at off grid shipping container homes is that they are ideal for weekend retreats. In our day and age where we are driven by workload and technology the great outdoors is something often observed through a window be it a car or a home. Yet we are surrounded by nature, heading up to a shipping container home that is nestled away from the day to day burdens of life open up a space that is switched off to most technology and somewhere that builds a family space. An environment for children to get in touch with nature while the parents are able to not only function as a family but also a couple.

A shipping container off grid home may be a savior of many marriages in the world of hectic lifestyles that most people seem to have these days. I remember the “run to the sun” in the UK as the weekend hit there was only one thought not overtime for the weekend but getting on route to the south coast for the weekend. Back then there was no thought of a retreat but simply crashing out in the car or using a tent depending on the weather. The main thing though is that those things got forgotten as the years went on and part of the reason the relationship I was in then dissolved as city working took over and my now ex’s interest went into owning horses and suddenly we were more like ships passing in the night than anything else.

Bit of a warning to others as well as myself that getting away for the weekend is not only healthy and enjoyable but a part of life we need to reinstate and get our work lives in balance.