Extending a shipping container home using an interior

This is an idea that could get round some of the size issues of a shipping container as it allows another unit to slide out from inside the container. Advantages being if done on rails for example you could literally push half your room inside the other and lock it up for safety or moving. The concept could work well for not only for things like mobile research labs but also in the field for emergency projects as it would allow doubling of floor space without too much effort. The article was originally posted in 2004 but thought it of use as I myself have only looked at the door area for balcony extension and not this type of slotting module which is a great idea.

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beautiful home located in Shimasaki, Kyushu Island, Japan.

Anderson Architecture + Nishiyama Architects, built this Japanese home although not made from shipping containers i thought it was an important find worth posting. The first thing is the use of natural materials that could brighten up any container home with things like solid or plywood ceilings with an added beam affect. The next was the layout of the structure as you can see it would fit in with using shipping containers very easily side by side or even better create a span across a few containers to allow maximum space with the least amount of material waste. The blend of natural woods, metal and white paint also give an airy feel to the property to give it a much wanted feeling of space.

 beautiful home located in Shimasaki, Kyushu island, Japan - shipping container ideas beautiful home located in Shimasaki, Kyushu island, Japan - shipping container ideas beautiful home located in Shimasaki, Kyushu island, Japan - shipping container ideas

Interesting container concept – Steele Design’s Escape P.O.D.

Steele Design’s Escape P.O.D. s are made for landowners who wish to start enjoying country living without the expense of building a traditional house and want the advantage of very fast construction

There are some interesting design aspects of Steele Design’s Escape P.O.D. namely the use of natural ventilation although have a concern about roof removal of a container and also if tropical like here the overhangs would be better further out for not only catching more cool air to cool the building but also to prevent a soaking if there is heavy rainfall and a side wind. Concept is good though very minimalistic but no doubt could be easily functional.

Shipping container basic apartment rental, would you rent?

shipping container hotel - sudan


Although these containers were used by journalists in the Sudanese elections it does make me wonder if Expat’s or other travellers would be interested in living in containers as a budget residence for short stay or long term. The fact that these were comfortable in Sudan prove the point that shipping containers can function as a residence without over heating if the right measures are put into place during construction. Also the number of people I have come across in the Philippines trying to avoid paying for anything more than they want to these would fit into their budget as I could easily see these being rented at P4,000 a month long-term in a good location as a basic living accommodation or for budget hotels around P1,000 a night.