Shipping Container Accommodation For The Oil Industry

Pictures of Our Projects In Canada

These Shipping container accommodation units were built up in Saskatchewan Province Canada for 3Twenty Solutions. They specialise in buildings for mining and oil companies.

Due to the harsh locations many of the buildings have to be brought in during the winters over ice roads and due to the harsh weather its difficult to also construct on site. So prefabricated and shipping containers are the perfect adaptable home for the job. Providing shelter for the workers as well as being easily mobile with most units near completion before they are moved up to their final destination as a shipping container home for mining/oil workers.





Shipping container bedroom

Shipping container homes being dropped into place

Shipping container accommodation corridor

Shipping container canteen block

Shipping container accommodation block completed

Shipping container buildings being lifted into place

Shipping container buildings being lifted into place

Shipping Container Worker Dormitory Manila Philippines

Shipping container bedspacer manila

Workers in Manila as other parts of the Philippines struggle to get low budget high quality rentals. This shipping container dormitory does seem to have the answer for cheap construction but also a better class of living for those with a small budget. Air conditioning and a bed as well as onsite restaurant for P1,500 a month is extremely reasonable and no doubt a big hit. A lot of cheap accommodation in the Philippines normally consists of a rundown room with no air conditioning or cooling system as well as possibly just access to a single bulb light. This on the other hand seems very geared to peoples needs and no doubt has a lot of extra services downstairs besides the kitchen such as charging stations for mobile phones. All in all I think its a huge step forward in quality for workers in the Philippines and look forward to seeing more of these types of building.

Shipping container bedspacer manilaShipping container bedspacer manila

The second set of photos are from the same place but a different building. As you can see they have traded the bunk bed dorms for more private cubicle styled beds. Not for everyone but if your on a tight budget with a limited salary I know more than a few Filipinos that would happily live in these compared to their current rentals. From a business point of view though is it viable? Counting all the beds up your looking at 98 just for the upper level and as you can see in the yellow one being constructed its beds lower side as well so roughly 200 beds at P1,500 per month giving an income of P300,000 per month even if you took out all the expenses because obviously the snack bar and other things on site increase the revenue I would easily expect to make P250,000 a month from this venture in the right location and obviously someone else seen the same vision.

Shipping container bedspacer manilaShipping container bedspacer manilaShipping container bedspacer manilaShipping container bedspacer manilaShipping container bedspacer manilaShipping container bedspacer manilaShipping container bedspacer manila

So why choose to live in a shipping container house?

There are many reasons. Firstly you have to look at the current economic situation and the fact property is dropping in value rather rapidly. Long term it will recover but where do you really want your money tied up? In a house that may drop by 30% next year? Or maybe you would prefer to build modular which could also allow you to adapt and expand as your budget allows rather than trying to find large amounts of cash you can literally do this in segments depending on your design. Big advantage of that being you don’t owe the bank! There are a lot of properties within container designs that make them an ideal starting point for a new house or cheap accommodation for renting out. But first you have to decide is it what you want..

Interesting container concept – Steele Design’s Escape P.O.D.

Steele Design’s Escape P.O.D. s are made for landowners who wish to start enjoying country living without the expense of building a traditional house and want the advantage of very fast construction

There are some interesting design aspects of Steele Design’s Escape P.O.D. namely the use of natural ventilation although have a concern about roof removal of a container and also if tropical like here the overhangs would be better further out for not only catching more cool air to cool the building but also to prevent a soaking if there is heavy rainfall and a side wind. Concept is good though very minimalistic but no doubt could be easily functional.