Starbucks Seattle–Shipping container Cafe

starbucks shipping container drive through

Not the first shipping container cafe by Starbucks but its still heading in the right direction of recycling shipping containers.

The fact is unfortunately or maybe not? Shipping containers have become fashionably green. Myself its not about being green but more to the fact it makes a lot of sense recycling containers for homes,offices and other buildings. But Peter Demaria who’s part of this project from said “Due to the trade imbalance with China, millions of containers are left in our ports every year,”. I would like to add this trend is changing rather rapidly with the current recessions round the world. In reality the containers we are seeing stuck at ports may not be so readily available in the future as more goods may end up having to be manufactured at home due to the fact most industries have now gone to China. You can only export so much trade until countries wake up to the fact they need to start developing their own manufacturing and not just rely on cheap imports as it damages the economy.

Recycling the containers though takes only five per cent of the energy that melting down the steel it a beam for example. Often greens will be pushing the fact the containers shouldn’t exist in the first place but in reality they are already here! Lets deal with the surplus as the lowering imports will no doubt reduce the numbers of containers.

Back on to Starbucks new cafe, Mr Demaria has worked on other shipping container building projects already including a house in Redondo Beach, gallery and a condo building in other locations within the United States.

What we are seeing with the Starbucks container building though is a prototype being put together its unique not only in the steel container design but also that it will be drive-up and walk-up only with no space to lounge inside.

And it will be portable, he said, easy to break it down and transport somewhere else. “We see a lot of opportunities here,” he said. “We can put a store like this on a lot that will be developed someday but is free for two or three years, and then we can move it.”

Also Starbucks is looking to the fact it imports tea, coffee and other products into the United States as well as other countries and would like to see the containers not going to waste.

Shipping Container Grocery Store – Seattle, U.S.

Shipping container Grocery Store

The Stockbox Grocers venture idea is to bring essential groceries and fresh produce to urban areas that struggle for access and cost of healthy food. The first miniature shipping container grocery store opened in Delridge in Seattle. Its the prototype of the venture and will be tested at its location for 2 months before looking Stockbox look to introduce other mini grocery stores around Seattle.

The concept and hopes of Stockbox is that it will become easy for residents to walk or bike to the stores to buy fresh food. A small grocery store can meet the needs of urban communities and in reality it used to! We have been slowly converting things to suit the car and the out of town shopping when in theory these places should never have been removed. The advantages of this model though is partnering deals will be struck to allow the Stockbox grocers to operate on car parks around Seattle. The other positive thing about this venture is its targeting the people within communities that only have public transport as an option which isn’t the greatest when looking to shop.

Monday September 12th seen Ferrence and Jacqueline Gjurgevich open the first store at West Haven Apartments car park in Delridge. The small stores can handle 5 customers at a time only need one attendant and will be open 7 days a week.

“A lot of people who come in are breaking down the myth that people of low income and mixed income don’t want access to organic or natural food,” Ferrence tells GOOD. In the first week, the shop proved to be successful and interestingly enough, the most popular items were orange juice, lemons, Dave’s Killer Bread, corn and Annie’s Mac and Cheese.

shipping container grocery store shipping container grocery store shipping container grocery store

10 best shipping container homes (small)

D3 Architects - France

1st place has to go to D3 Architects for this unique home design that is not only functional but very modern.

BlueBrown - Thailand

2nd place goes to Blue Brown for their modern home design utilizing a second roof as well as maximizing their floor area.

Krabi province - Thailand home and restaurant

3rd places goes to this Restaurant and home in Thailand that puts practical and functional to the test. Small floor area but the added spaces and canopies make this place look a lot bigger than it really is.

Port a bach - container home New Zealand

4th Place goes to Port A Bach in New Zealand mainly down to maximizing the containers usage and space. Best use of space I have seen yet.

Cove Park artist retreat - Scotland

5th place goes to Cove Park’s artists retreats as they blend in with their surroundings as much as possible at the same time very functional homes.Container retreat – Hybrid architecture Seattle

6th Place goes to Seattle for the C320 home by Hybrid Architecture for this modern retreat.

Container home – Modular weeHouse – Wisconsin USA

7th Place goes to the U.S.A. with this modular home that is ideal as a holiday retreat or for those loving the outdoor life.Research facility and accommodation - Queensland Australia

8th Goes to Queensland Australia for this very functional and practical building that puts usage before anything else every part of the container is utilized to the needs of the research site.

Container House in Texas by Jim Poteet

9th Place goes to Texas for this artists home/work area which is cozy by design as well as offers a pleasant home that doesn’t leave a blot on the landscape.

Container retreat Sri lanka     

10th Place goes to Sri Lanka for this retreat maximizing local materials to form up a second level as well as offering a practical weekend retreat.

Container retreat – Hybrid architecture Seattle

Cargotecture as Hybrid Architecture describes it offers large low-cost prefab housing solutions based on a vision of sustainability and a modular approach. Which to be honest i agree with. This building called the c320 Studio is ideal for a weekend retreat or a small home. It has a bathroom and separate sleeping area as part of the 2 x 20ft container home. While still managing to not stick out too much even though bright orange in this riverside location.

Container retreat - Hybrid Architecture Seattle

Container retreat - Hybrid Architecture Seattle Container retreat - Hybrid Architecture Seattle Container retreat - Hybrid Architecture Seattle