Shipping Container Towns

Shipping Container TownsShipping Container TownsShipping Container Towns

When looking at the photos above its difficult to wonder who lives in a house like this although the main town photo at the top its difficult to identify that they are in fact all made from containers. What you have here though is a military training ground that can be reconfigured to suit the needs of the troops and scenarios for combat training. Green in essence because the buildings can be rejigged and reused but also a valuable piece of equipment for familiarisation in difficult areas of combat.

Primarily done for the U.S. Marine Corps the MOUT training grounds can be found all over the world and if your interested in knowing more its worth contacting the manufacturer Allied Container Systems at their website.

Shipping Container Fire Training Facilities

Although technology moves on in Fire Training Facilities are still needed to do the basics as well as develop teamwork. One of the problems is creating a unit you can train in again and again especially if setting fire to it! This is where shipping containers fill the gap as not only cheap to construct and also adaptable to different designs they are also hardy against fire for training.

Fire Training Facility

Although a lot of training is done in front of a computer screen and other training scenarios there are things you can’t get to work except in real world situations and the Fire Training Facilities offer the best way to develop these skills as well as overcome any problems that people may have in a controlled environment. For example someone may be great on paper but how do you know they suffer from a fear of confined spaces or heights without physically putting someone in those situations?

Shipping container Fire Training FacilityShipping container Fire Training Facility

Another advantage of using shipping containers is that the Fire Training Facility can be moved allowing smaller fire stations to gain access to localised training that they may not have otherwise.

Shipping container Fire Training Facility

Shipping container Fire Training Facility

The robust structure as well as its building block type system also means you can adapt the buildings for different scenarios or specific training that is needed. Generally like most things if an accident happens there is then reassessment on how something was done and obviously being able to recreate something to see if it could be done another way the training facilities can be utilized for that task.

Shipping container Fire Training FacilityShipping container Fire Training FacilityShipping container Fire Training Facility

Its interesting how surplus shipping containers have found their way into many parts of peoples lives directly or indirectly to think your local fire teams may have trained in them or the military and police using them for other types of training facilities does make you wonder what’s next for the shipping container?

2x 20ft shipping container beach home/retreat – Sri Lanka

tropical shipping container home, Sri Lanka

Everything about the design says simple at the same time its not causing any high impact damage to the environment around it. A building ideal for the weekend or for someone seeking a simple way of life with a large outdoor area to wind the evenings away.

tropical shipping container home, Sri Lankatropical shipping container home, Sri Lanka

The home is built in Sri Lanka and the owner has political connections something of which I am not looking to get involved in but simply to cover the building itself as the design and construction could be easily replicated by others for many locations and scenarios. 

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