Why Live In A Shipping Container Home?

The initial problem with a shipping container home is getting over the hurdle that its not just a shipping container but can be adapted for home use. I have worked in several industries that involve travel. The issue with that is you get used to living with pretty much everything you need in a bag and its when you get to that scale of things you realise how much stuff people have but don’t really need.

When I looked at the $4,000 shipping container home in the U.S. owned by a single mother you quickly can see why she did it. Ok she didn’t want to work full-time at the same time its difficult to do with kids anyway. In reality though she has adapted her budget to fit a home and its only in the last 20 years has this obsession been going on to get bigger without reason. Why? because it drove the fake housing boom market through the roof until it all fell apart like lemmings running off a cliff people became obsessed with making money on homes yet there were less and less people coming in at the bottom end of the market which then collapses the whole chain. This happens due to the “Refurbishment” housing people that quickly rip out old, replace with new and sell on with added profit. Do this with enough people you price out the bottom people on the ladder to the point many gave up even trying to get a first home. I know I wasn’t interested in tieing myself down with a 25 year debt for a house that cost three times as much as it was less than 10 years earlier.

Shipping container homes from a budget point of view are a banks worse nightmare. Only loan you may need initially is for land as its likely you will just develop the home yourself in your spare time. This knocks of literally years of debt you would have had going via a bank loan giving you more freedom and better cash flow. Mix in the general running costs of heating,cooling,lighting on a smaller scale property your also reducing your footprint which also lines the pockets with more money. If anything you are probably going to spend more time outside than you would in a conventional home which is also a lot healthier.

I really do struggle to see a downside on doing a shipping container home especially when I see so many people burned with the housing market crash quickly followed by the recessions that have been on going ever since. Being debt free the ability to survive the current trend is a lot easier than riddled with debt with a bigger mortgage than the building is worth.

Why Shipping Container Homes Can Work In The Philippines

I often hear people saying that they wouldn’t live in a shipping container home or that Filipinos wouldn’t odd thing is every year at Sinulog I see a shipping container village develop for pilgrims which is literally just a container! Nothing pretty, no refurbishment, just a roof and a box to sit,sleep and eat.

In reality I do wonder why people assume others can’t see the concept develop down to they’re own ignorance. Its mainly Filipinos that contact me about the shipping container homes and why? because many of them work in Saudi Arabia and other areas that use shipping container homes for worker accommodation. Sort of dispels the myth about “overheating” being a metal structure when these things are stuck out in the desert and still cooled. Its all about passive cooling and adding shade but then again isn’t any home?

Point being is they are a viable solution and more so for difficult areas to find good construction teams as these can be prefabricated and dropped to site with toilets,electrics etc. all pre-fitted reducing the risk of having someone causing damage for not knowing what they do as simply you don’t need them. One professional team building homes for the Philippines instead of random guys with no qualifications in construction that are often only fit for labouring but end up costing a small fortune due to the damage they cause from sub standard work.

Top that with the fact OFWs have a fixed price from factory if involving the family there is no risk of money disappearing as the intervention by family is limited. Add to all of this that its also cost affective even with the inflated costs of shipping containers in the Philippines I do wonder why more people aren’t doing it. If you come across shipping container houses in the Philippines please send some photos! I know there are a lot here already as people are always telling me but normally notice when going passed on a bus or motorbike.