Podponics–Growing Organic Food In Shipping Containers

For me its another bite at the apple pardon the pun, but its taking another direction for shipping containers but also one that makes sense in my location that is full of parasites not only from slugs,lettuce and greenfly but thieves!

shipping container, hydroponic shipping container

This business was setup by a former software engineer and has already received nearly $1m in funding as a way to provide food in cities. These growing pods have been designed to literally grow food anywhere and may be a long term solution to moving many products we don’t need to half way round the world. Its partly the fuel prices that are sparking a major interest at the same time I am also very sceptical on the fuel pricing by such a corrupt industry as the oil business. But lets face it they play stock markets with our lives everyday. We go local it takes a little bit of control back into our lives.


shipping container, hydroponic shipping container

Roof top farming is another concept as well as hydroponics, vertical gardening, aquaponics and the list goes on all trying to make it viable to do things from home or within a community. The PodPonics which is what we are looking at today seems to be heading in the right direction receiving over $725,000 in seed funding which says it may be on the right path at least from its investors.

Podponics is developed by Matt  Liotta and began in 2010 he is a serial entrepreneur and noticed a gap in the market and started to ask the questions and then finding the solutions to make it possible in local produce production.

Now the crunch is although these pods are designed to supply the correct amount of water, pH, light levels, Co2 as well as lighting giving different spectrums of light throughout the day they still rely on power from the power grid which does make me wonder how much power? In the Philippines we have one of the most expensive suppliers of electricity in Asia so is it still going to be viable? 320sqm of space in a shipping container produces the same as one acre of land except the obvious advantage you can stack shipping containers and I believe upto 11 high if the foundations are correct giving you a huge farm on a tiny lot space, IF the electric side of the business is viable.

The original startup supplies 150lbs of lettuce,arugula as well as other crops to local restaurants and grocery stores in Atlanta every week. The demand still currently out ways production which shows the demand in the industry.

shipping container, hydroponic shipping container

The key here maybe though not to grow what you want but what you haven’t even thought of. E.g. the Middle East will struggle with general greenery yet doesn’t have a problem with fuel and lighting costs setting containers up there as green farms would no doubt be a huge change in the ability to produce locally. At the same time could we see instead planes flying in food regularly the rise of shipping container farms in countries all over the world producing crops that before needed to be flown in?

Are we looking at the future of military food production and other services reliant on things being sent/given. Could you imagine freight ships having gardens on-board supplying daily needs? this may be one of the biggest developments in shipping containers we have seen.

Shipping container home – Ecopods

The Ecopod was developed by Dwight Doerkson as a home that is easy to transport and doesn’t need connecting to the power grid. Like many of the other units we have looked at today its got a lowered side difference with this one though is it has a solar winch that can be operated at the flick of a switch.

A few eco ideas in the property include a rubber floor made from recycled tyres, 12v lighting system, solar refrigerator and a composting toilet. A lot of work has gone into these designs and homes although $40,000 does seem steep for me on the sale tag.

Shipping container home - Ecopods Shipping container home - Ecopods Shipping container home - Ecopods Shipping container home - Ecopods