Shipping Container Pool Room

There is something about the bright green mixed amongst a natural background making these shipping container buildings look fresh and inviting. The other thing I like about the first building is the number of pools I have been to in the Philippines that have very poorly built shower areas to wash off in that you often feel its a last resort going in them. These types of buildings are much easier to maintain as well as cheap to install. For the private pool or weekend retreat it creates a great spot to just chill out or get changed. Either way another great use of recycled shipping containers.

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Shipping Container Swimming Pool

Shipping Container Swimming PoolShipping Container Swimming Pool

We have two methods of constructing a shipping container here. The photo above is using containers once used for rubbish collection. They lined with sand and a pool liner inserted over the top. Can’t get much simpler than that but the results for the neighbourhood are obvious.

The pool below utilizes a different method that I can only assume is a poly resin type coating coating the inside of the pool. It may outlast the pool above but not sure of the cost implications but either way both pools look great and would no doubt be a welcome addition to many a garden!

 Shipping Container Swimming Pool Shipping Container Swimming Pool Shipping Container Swimming Pool