Vertical Shipping Container Home?

vertical shipping container Its an idea I have been thinking about for sometime, I find people’s first complaint about shipping container homes as a “concept” is that they are simply too small to be viable. I totally disagree as it all depends on peoples lifestyles but also its very likely they have lived in a smaller space themselves at some point already.

But what if you took the shipping container for an urban situation where land is often at a premium, or more importantly bits of land people can’t imagine being useful due to the size available then take a shipping container and go vertical instead of horizontal. This is still an idea at the moment but thought maybe some of the whizzes out there with a bit of time and 3D imagery could come up with some interesting designs.

I’m sure it can be viable especially in locations that do have a high cost of land and positioning in even what once was a flower bed would be very possible.

The main issue I can see though is the stair access between floors, but like everything else this can be overcome with a good idea pool of people.

40ft container divided into 4 rooms of  10ft high each or at 9ft you could add a 5th floor with 4ft height for storage space. Each room would be 7’8" x 7’10" not huge but a workable space.

Interested in any ideas on the project.


Shipping Container Swimming Pool

Shipping Container Swimming PoolShipping Container Swimming Pool

We have two methods of constructing a shipping container here. The photo above is using containers once used for rubbish collection. They lined with sand and a pool liner inserted over the top. Can’t get much simpler than that but the results for the neighbourhood are obvious.

The pool below utilizes a different method that I can only assume is a poly resin type coating coating the inside of the pool. It may outlast the pool above but not sure of the cost implications but either way both pools look great and would no doubt be a welcome addition to many a garden!

 Shipping Container Swimming Pool Shipping Container Swimming Pool Shipping Container Swimming Pool