Ruby Sketch’s Compact Shipping Container Home

Ruby Sketch’s Compact Shipping Container Home

Ruby Sketch has come up with this ingenious shipping container home which looks very modern while offering energy saving that can allow this home to run off grid without mains electricity for up to 2 weeks at a time. Takes less than 3 weeks to construct and easy to crane lift its definitely an option for many looking for either an off grid container home or a starter home. I keep hearing the tiny home or house movement. But I think containers are more suited to pods and “pod living” may be a better concept name for small shipping container homes.

I for one support this type of living as it helps keep people debt free. But also as a student before in the UK and knowing many the prices for rents in the area I lived were scandalous as well as house pricing. Maybe these types of homes are more suited for the new generations over large costly homes that are currently being built.

Shipping container converted to trailer park home / caravan

shipping container home

It wasn’t an insult to say its built more of a trailer type home because in reality that is what they look like. At the same time in the UK the caravans on a site can be expensive due to their location. They are functional and practical as well as utilizing the space people need rather than space people want. It reminds me of my home back in the UK when I would wander across the dining room to get to the kitchen or go upstairs and I ask myself the question how often did we use the dining room and how often was it utilized fully? Answer rarely it was a room that was expensive to heat with high ceilings and large floor area yet we never used it. This is a practical example of why the container type homes work as people use the space they have and use it the best they can.

The container above is located in Hawaii which is a location that suffers with excess shipping containers giving cheap pods to work from. This is unit has an office and apartment featuring office space, kitchen, bath and bedroom.  The addition of T-111 siding and a flat roof improves the durability of the unit and enhances its appearance.


Chilean Miners Shipping Container Village

shipping container village - Chilean Miners

The mining disaster that put Chilean miners on the map was located in the nothern Atacama Desert, which is one of the most inhospitable places on the planet. With the current huge jumps in energy demands and minerals the mining industry is growing and having to move into areas where resources are and most aren’t the greatest places to be. North Atacama desert for example is one of the driest places on earth as well as sunniest. AATA Architects were requested to come up with a design that was low-cost but also effective for miners to live in. This resulted in a shipping container complex which is quite literally big enough to be its own village. They then roof covered the entire complex with drapes to reduce the intake of sunlight.


he unique solution was based on clustering prefabricated shipping containers to form housing pods. Six units per pod were stacked two units high and then connected to each other in a ‘C’ formation that allows natural ambient light in but blocks extreme temperatures during warm days and cold nights. Five containers are for sleeping and one is a dedicated restroom. In all, 16 pods can house 320 people.

The huge canvas roof is the key to the design’s success. Set on steel trusses, it creates a micro climate that tempers the harsh environment. The roof provides ample protection from the sun in one of the hottest and driest places on the planet, and it also encourages cross breezes while blocking harsh winds. The roof also helps keep heat from radiating out at night — the project is situated approximately 1,500 meters above sea level so the evenings get cold.

The design works so well that patches of grass could be placed at each pod, providing a humble but critical micro climate in one of the most extreme places on the planet.

+ AATA Architects

shipping container village - Chilean Minersshipping container village - Chilean Miners shipping container village - Chilean Miners  shipping container village - Chilean Miners  shipping container village - Chilean Miners