So why choose to live in a shipping container house?

There are many reasons. Firstly you have to look at the current economic situation and the fact property is dropping in value rather rapidly. Long term it will recover but where do you really want your money tied up? In a house that may drop by 30% next year? Or maybe you would prefer to build modular which could also allow you to adapt and expand as your budget allows rather than trying to find large amounts of cash you can literally do this in segments depending on your design. Big advantage of that being you don’t owe the bank! There are a lot of properties within container designs that make them an ideal starting point for a new house or cheap accommodation for renting out. But first you have to decide is it what you want..

Cut down shipping container used for office,reception or guard house.


Here in the Philippines I often come across new building developments and guard houses on sub divisions with terrible conditions for the guards. Considering they are the first port of call when visiting a site they are also the first image that reflects on a company. At the same time expecting professionalism from workers also comes about by treating them with respect as well. A run down old shack isn’t what I would call a step in the right direction but these converted cut down containers offer a good solid location that offer a functional and practical office space. At the same time once the homes are completed and possibly a new guard house is constructed these units can be moved meaning instead of constructing a shack every sub division development you can physically take a “mobile” guard house/reception with you.

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