The Shipping Container Excess Only Blessing Out Of The Economic Collapse Of The West?

I think the shipping container is an odd beast when it comes to the excess the West has had on imports from the East at the same time not only is it part of the problem stacked up in ports as a symbol of excess but also its part of the solution if developed into housing because it takes a minimalist concept for most home developers.

In reality we see the collapse of economies riddled with debt right now yet the solution always comes back to “stop spending!” there is no easy fix. Shipping container homes are a home you can’t clutter up with a TV in every room as often you only have one room. You don’t buy new furniture every year as generally you find things that suit “you” not the fashion trends and just generally the shipping container home pushes the fact we are living in a world of excess that we really don’t need.

When I am working in the UK I literally have two bags with me which is my work gear, laptop and casual clothes pretty much that’s it besides the vehicle I use. I live for up to 8 months of the year like that I don’t starve, I don’t run out of things to do but what happens is I am surprisingly mobile and have a lot of excess income because I don’t buy things I don’t need.

It was living like this that put me into minimal living and the shipping container homes as simply its achievable not only for me but many other people who know how to use the environment around them. Sitting out gazing at the stars instead of sat in the house watching a soap opera. Spending time dining out with friends instead of eating a microwave meal in the kitchen.

I personally think the excess shipping containers that are now starting to dwindle away in areas due to the rise of container housing and other uses as well as reduced surplus is a good thing long term if people start changing their habits. As a child I remember one TV in the house and generally I spent a lot of time with my family, as I grew older though I spent my time in my bedroom, my brothers in theirs, my sister in hers and my parents in the sitting room. If anything the excess of current living has divided the family and its about time things started to function again as a family unit and I am sure shipping container home families are no doubt happier than many others out there in normal homes purely because of the way they choose to live outside the box and not be driven by consumerism and do take the time to spend life in the outdoors as well as an affordable home.

Shipping Containers The Practical Retail Showroom

As I looked into shipping container developments more and more and their uses. One of the most practical and cost affective is the retail showroom. Firstly its mobile allowing changing of lots if one area isn’t performing making it easy to locate to another area. But more importantly shipping container showrooms can fit in many locations that can also be rented short term. For example take a large car park on a retail park. Its rarely full yet a store on the retail park may be launching a new furniture range. This would allow a fully visual experience for people visiting the retail park who may not go to the furniture store otherwise. Same goes for bathrooms which in the UK many builders merchants have large compounds and having a bathroom setup for giving people an idea of what they are buying and how they can visualise it in their own home opens up a normal trade environment also to the general public increasing profitability.

Shipping container retail showroom Shipping container motorbike showroom Shipping container Ikea furniture showroom Shipping container bathroom showroom

The fact that this type of cargotecture is kept in a basic clean form means it can be refitted easily as your literally looking at a painted box with a glass window giving a retail experience to almost anywhere for almost anything.