Shipping Container Office and Guest Bedroom in a Loft apartment

Initially it seems a bit of a gimmick but when you start looking at the work that has gone into the shipping container as well as some interesting ideas such as the wind up bed it does seem rather well thought out.Jeff Wardell and Claudia Sagan are a pair of travel-loving art collectors which meant they needed a bigger space to show off their collection of over 120 pieces of art they have collected.

This resulted in 2007 the purchase of a 3,200-square-foot and 127-foot-long open-air loft. Rather than splitting the loft into smaller room sections they decided to keep it as open plan as possible for the natural lighting. They pushed the master bedroom to the back, positioned the kitchen and living space in the center and situated a den at the street-facing front windows.

Now the one issue they did have was adding a guest bedroom without disturbing the layout of the loft and this resulted in the idea of the shipping containers. The blue one became the office while the orange made up the guest room. Being very artistic the container interiors are a bit querky and designed to be not only functional but also good to look at. Take a look for yourself in the photos below my favourite idea is the wind down bed.


Shipping Container Office and Guest Bedroom in a Loft apartment

Shipping Container Office and Guest Bedroom in a Loft apartmentDesign, container, interiorDesign, container, interiorDesign, container, interiorDesign, container, interiorDesign, container, interiorDesign, container, interior

Skylight For Shipping Container Home

Skylights are an important factor of designing a shipping container home that is often overlooked. I can’t see why more people aren’t adding them into the property as they offer up natural lighting that is also more healthy than electrically generated. The Sun-Tek Skylights are aluminium and self flashing but before installing always make sure your going to be able to drain away excess water. Stagnant water is how leaks can happen and why its worth raising the skylights on an angle to reduce the problem. At the same time it is an easy option and easy installation process.

Natural lighting tubes for shipping container homes

natural lighting tubesAlthough many shipping container housing designs are based round flat roofs those that are pitched can take advantage of the natural light sources available from the sun by inserting lighting tubes through the pitched roof and into the container home. Advantages of this is natural light being healthier for people as well as the fact its free. There are different types and shapes of the roof lights some being flat and others being dome type but either way they are a good idea for adding light into a home.

How it works is the light inlet (dome or flat roof window) gathers rays of light which beam down onto a tube that reflects light. You will have to check manufacturers for the types of tube available as some do have flexibility in bending to allow movement of the tubes to other areas besides directly below the inlet.

Another option I haven’t seen as well though looking at square designed inlet is using skylights for the same purpose but with the added benefit of adding hydraulic sides so that it can be raised to allow airflow as well as being able to close in bad weather. Those types of Skylight can be fitted on flat surfaces such as a shipping container home roof.


natural lighting tubes natural lighting tubes