Shipping Container Office Buildings – Philippines

Gothong Southern - Shipping containers 

Shipping container modular buildings may not be the first thing to spring to mind when thinking of filling a companies needs in a tropical climate. At the same time anywhere near the ports it makes a lot of sense as its in keeping with the local area as well as easy to have delivered. Here in Cebu, Philippines I spent a day looking for shipping container modular buildings around the city and port area. A couple of reasons in doing so the first one being most people can’t believe people would use a shipping container to live or work inside because they are “too hot” and secondly I am very interested in cargotecture and shipping container modular buildings.

shipping container office and seating

This one I noticed when I first came to Cebu and it makes a lot of sense during the day to have seating so high up. Road dust off the main road is bad as well as the surrounding area being built up restricting airflow but also concrete density increases heat. Sitting up above three shipping containers your literally getting the best the local area has to offer with airflow and arguably cleaner air.

Shipping Container Office - Cebu, Philippines

Another Shipping container office one of the better developed ones but also its located in a shipping container yard so no issue in getting shipping containers for the project!JAJ Aggregates - Shipping container offices Cebu, PhilippinesJAJ Aggregates - Shipping container offices Cebu, Philippines

JAJ Aggregates is one of the most interesting cargotecture designs I have come across in the local area as its suspended one side of the building in air sat on two concrete pillars (you can’t see its Sunday which is obviously wash day). The two concrete pillars are sat behind the laundry.Shipping container building - Cebu,Philippines

 A shipping container office still in development. Something to do with a local truck haulier, often people live in the trucks and its likely this is either going to be an office for the vehicle owners or a rest place on route for the drivers. That extra bit of paint will make a huge difference to the left side!

Shipping Container Restaurant – China

Looks like China is getting in on the Shipping Container buildings although not the first project I have come across, although most are modular buildings being sold for export prefabricated and fitted in China. The seafood restaurant in Tianjin, China is a different setup though as its using recycled containers and part of the Beitang Container Project. Not a lot of information on Beitang can be found online although does seem to be some major fish food production going on in the region. The smart thing with the container design though is the utilization of roof spaces for seating as it obviously makes a lot of sense to put the diners in the open air and create a secondary seating area.

Shipping container seafood restaurant in Tianjin, China

Shipping container seafood restaurant in Tianjin, China Shipping container seafood restaurant in Tianjin, China Shipping container seafood restaurant in Tianjin, China Shipping container seafood restaurant in Tianjin, China

Wish I could find more information on this project but there doesn’t seem to be much on the internet and I can see this is likely to be a fairly large scale project with more interesting photos from inside etc but can’t locate them. If your in the region or have photos please send them over as I would love to share them on this article with everyone. Also if you have more information on the Beitang Container Project and if its an ongoing project or if they have multiple sites etc would also be interested to know more.