KLC Ready home – shipping container home manufacturer

KLC READY HOME  I came across this video earlier today which covers many things in a simple process of why shipping containers make a good home but also issues regarding use of ventilation to help cool the home naturally which in budget housing is critical to keeping costs down. The video has also been put together very professionally which also helps in its marketing. The company is based in Jamaica probably where the name ““Kingston Logistics Center Limited” comes from.

The setup is no doubt internationally but also I believe for organizations looking at helping develop shanty towns for example its solutions are viable.


STEEL SPACE – Shipping container marketing and promotional venue

imageInitially doesn’t look like much but the fact the container is designed to be moved as well as multifunctional makes this beast ideal for the exhibition market as you can lock everything up securely, pre-wire etc so as soon as it gets to site it jumps up like a jack in the box ready to go. An example of it being utilized is shown below :-


Sends the right message and quick to get the doors open without too many headaches these could be the future of small exhibit stands.

Elegant 2 container house 2 x 40ft on a warehouse

 This design was done by Maziar Behrooz Architecture and its something more in the line of what I am looking for in a home. The container house forms up the upper level while the traditional methods of concrete keep the lower level or underground level out of sight as well as cool which would work well in the Philippines. But at the same time the high ceilings open up the building to help cool it as well as its natural woodland cover.

Maziar Behrooz Architecture shipping container home 

shipping container home stairwellshipping container home exteriorshipping container home high ceilings

Its partly why I think once we start developing homes ourselves they will sell as simply these sort of designs here in the Philippines are few and far between. Marketing to the modern younger aged buyers these types of places are fantastic in modern design.