Sleep Box – For Weary Travellers

Airport Sleep box modular building

Not exactly a modular home but its still modular in form. These would be a welcome sight in many an airport as it would allow a quick nap with all your luggage secure, making those long haul flights with long waits between destinations at airports bearable. Arch Group came up with this novel idea and its size is only 4 square metres in floor space. Mood setting LED’s adjust to give you the ambience you need to relax and it has just enough room to suit 3 people to have a power nap before carrying on with the journey.

Thing is travellers are more concerned about time and money. Going to a hotel takes both and shelling out on an overpriced airport hotel at that. These temporary and moveable structures offer up a very viable solution as you can rent it for as little as 30 minutes. Good ventilation also helps keep the Sleepbox fresh as well as electric blinds to help shut out unwanted light and a bit of privacy to get changed.

Airport Sleep box modular building Airport Sleep box modular building Airport Sleep box modular building Airport Sleep box modular building

How to make concrete pilars for a shipping container home with PVC pipe

concrete pilars formed inside PVC pipe 

PVC plastic pipe was used with rebar inside 600×600 mm holes, although the approximate depth isn’t shown I would say to get someone to work it out for you on the weight your putting on top as well as the strength of the ground your sitting upon to reduce risk of movement.

Setting a string out across the top of the PVC also allows leveling off before pouring to make sure the containers going to sit properly. In these they were then poured with concrete on site in place 8 holes and pipes taking 2 days to complete.

Another good idea they came up with though will working on this is that if the ground is level and you wanted to make all the posts in one go (Which also means you can do this and transport them to where you need if restricted on materials for concrete).

  • You take one piece of PVC piping and cut to length
  • Then cut it in half
  • Rivot a piano hinge down the one side
  • Add 2 luggage clamps to hold it together

Hey presto you now have a jig for making the posts saving money on PVC pipe and not only that if its tall enough you can use it for what they are now which is concrete fence posts.


Maximising space inside a shipping container home

The problem in the West we think home we think big.. we think of more and excess and the “we can’t live without items”. But then again how many of those items can you really live without?

Once you have an idea of reduction you have a step forward in the way your container home can be.

best use of a small space bed,wardrobe and bedside tableHere you can see the bed, small steps and side table alongside a wardrobe. Maximising the width of a small space. Underneath the bed is the storage space which is ideal for those with luggage and I can see this being used in things like modular hotel systems.

under bed storage space wash basin and hob combination

 Combining wash and cooking facilities into one reduces space drastically as generally we are doing one or the other so makes sense. At the same time strongly advise good earthing (ground) to reduce risk of electrocution.

You have to remember you may be losing some of the worldly goods of excess inside but you are gaining the environment on the outside allowing living spaces such as gardens and views over a concrete jungle.