Shipping Container Home Using 5 Shipping Containers

I love this house! The design offers up spacious areas for a shipping container home. But also a lot of thought has gone into how to use each section. The “box” type wardrobe for example maximises space while still functional and the kitchen reduction of worktop width on one side gives the feeling of a larger room yet still completely usable.

Debbie Glassberg a Kansas City designer made this her home created out of 5 shipping containers. I hear the argument stepping forward about this not being environmental and just a novelty but is it?

The price tag on the construction was no doubt heavily reduced because of having the original frame construction of the shipping containers already intact. Completion time was also no doubt heavily reduced as was labour costs. Its the battle between living completely Green and common sense, the fact is she didn’t want a 20ft single container home she wanted an American sized home but the containers offer a cheap and practical solution to the problem.

Interior Design Ideas For Shipping Container Homes

Shipping container on truck

When looking at shipping container spaces the first thing you will normally hear is “they are too small”. At the same time in the UK there is a love of garden sheds as workshops,cabins,offices,storage all a lot smaller and less comfortable than a shipping container conversion. Here we can see the same space being used by for many different uses. Showing that it can be a comfortable addition to a home as well as a retreat or even a budget hotel room. I quite like the idea of the building design being used as a beach house sitting high up to allow the cool breeze to pass through the building. offices at industrial estate offices at industrial offices at industrial offices at industrial offices at industrial estateShipping container kitchen areaShipping container bedroom easy conversion for hotel roomsShipping container childrens playroom or weekend retreatShipping container childrens playroom or weekend retreatShipping Container Office Shipping Container Office Shipping Container Entertainment RoomShipping Container Entertainment RoomShipping Container Weekend RetreatShipping Container Weekend Retreat

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Lots of layout and design ideas to show even a single 20ft Shipping Container can be a very usable space.

Shipping container home – Prefab Drop House by D3 architects

What I love about this design is firstly its not obvious its a shipping container home and secondly it has that very French flair and feel to the property. Not big but practical having sliding glass doors/windows allows airflow through the property which here in the Philippines is an important point when trying to keep cool at the same time in Europe the fresh air, the sounds of nature are all reasons to use the natural environment and bring it into your home. Great design love it!shipping container home - Prefab drop house by D3 Architects

shipping container home - Prefab drop house by D3 Architects

shipping container home - Prefab drop house by D3 Architects

shipping container home - Prefab drop house by D3 Architects

shipping container home - Prefab drop house by D3 Architects


Maison Shipping Container Home 2x 40ft ( 55m2 )

This home has gone a bit overboard on the luxury design of a shipping container home on the fittings but has some interesting character and design. Its functionality and usage is all there but giving with the hot tub and a few other things may not be so obvious. Love the red kitchen layout but does seem to have too many seating areas with an external seating, small sitting room area with more chairs then next to that a dining table and chairs. I am sure there could be better use of the space. All in all though the design is nice,functional and built!