Container house idea – Auroville, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu, India

This is an idea that I came across while doing an article for my other blog I found this house which is based in India but after looking at its design more closely started to think you could replace the bottom unit easily with a shipping container or 2 x 20ft shipping container units. The design by using wood for the upper decks also allows the weight to be kept down and starts to become a great idea for a shipping container home in tropical areas as you can finish the bottom layer then add the next two layers as your budget allows and as you find materials. The other options obviously with something designed round the use of local materials is the upper decks will be cheaper and easier to source than many other materials but also the use of a lattice side and open planned roof deck means that you get a lot of natural light throughout the day as well as air flowing across the building. All in all would love to see this idea become a reality.timber tropical home India timber tropical home India timber tropical home India timber tropical home India timber tropical home India

Shipping Container Home – Why build with shipping containers?

Many people get puzzled by the fact others are choosing to build a Shipping Container Home never mind wanting to build one. In reality a Shipping Container Home is cost affective but not always in obvious sense. Out here in the Philippines for example shipping containers are getting close to construction costs using concrete. The differences are though by building a Shipping Container Home you are likely to be building a smaller better designed home compared to conventional structures. On top of that utilizing more local materials than you would normally you can see the project being environmentally friendly as well.

But it doesn’t stop there because I know people start to calculate in fuel costs to get the shipping containers to site and the detoxifying the containers before use. But what about aluminum containers as they also exist. What about the fact because you built a smaller Shipping Container Home than you would have built a normal home means your heating and cooling less giving you a lower carbon footprint long term? In fact most people using containers for home are happily minimalistic and looking for a more outdoor surrounding rather than bricks and mortar. This means the inside space may be smaller but also that your more likely to sit on a porch or have an outdoor dining area giving a more friendly environment to live.

These are but a few reasons I choose shipping container homes over conventional structures.

10 best shipping container homes (small)

D3 Architects - France

1st place has to go to D3 Architects for this unique home design that is not only functional but very modern.

BlueBrown - Thailand

2nd place goes to Blue Brown for their modern home design utilizing a second roof as well as maximizing their floor area.

Krabi province - Thailand home and restaurant

3rd places goes to this Restaurant and home in Thailand that puts practical and functional to the test. Small floor area but the added spaces and canopies make this place look a lot bigger than it really is.

Port a bach - container home New Zealand

4th Place goes to Port A Bach in New Zealand mainly down to maximizing the containers usage and space. Best use of space I have seen yet.

Cove Park artist retreat - Scotland

5th place goes to Cove Park’s artists retreats as they blend in with their surroundings as much as possible at the same time very functional homes.Container retreat – Hybrid architecture Seattle

6th Place goes to Seattle for the C320 home by Hybrid Architecture for this modern retreat.

Container home – Modular weeHouse – Wisconsin USA

7th Place goes to the U.S.A. with this modular home that is ideal as a holiday retreat or for those loving the outdoor life.Research facility and accommodation - Queensland Australia

8th Goes to Queensland Australia for this very functional and practical building that puts usage before anything else every part of the container is utilized to the needs of the research site.

Container House in Texas by Jim Poteet

9th Place goes to Texas for this artists home/work area which is cozy by design as well as offers a pleasant home that doesn’t leave a blot on the landscape.

Container retreat Sri lanka     

10th Place goes to Sri Lanka for this retreat maximizing local materials to form up a second level as well as offering a practical weekend retreat.