Shipping Container Home – “all-season suite,”

One of the problems with building codes in regards to shipping container homes is that there are specific “minimum” room sizes for many things. But like everything there is always a way round it although hoping more and more local government and planning officers start to recognise the viability of shipping container homes.

The “all-season suite,” is a great example of a shipping container home ideal to literally move straight into. They aren’t exactly cheap at $32,500 fully furnished but often people overlook the savings of minimal living with the fact your only heating and cooling a small floor area of 37 square meters of property, which long term means lower running costs.

Shipping container home all season suite Shipping container home all season suite

Shipping container home all season suite Shipping container home all season suite

Shipping container homes in the Philippines projects

The blog has been a little quiet lately but its not doing to a lack of things going on but the reverse. Several interested parties has stepped forward for various construction projects all of which I am now knocking up drawings and ideas for how far the projects will go we will have to wait and see currently its just in the early stages but can see it developing well if it gets taken seriously especially by local government as a housing solution. There are several reasons I am keen to do low cost housing including giving people dignity and pride in their home which should hopefully tie in with other projects to make a sustainable higher standard of living possible. On top of that shipping container class rooms are also on the cards as well as an interesting swimming pool idea so all in all its getting pretty busy. I will share some of the 3D images once I have finished the designs but I would request donations if you decide to use any of the sketches or drawings purely towards building the beach house container house here which will be fully online from start to finish to show you how to build it yourself. Currently we are looking at an initial budget of P100,000 for the unit and construction.

Just wanted to post an update on ongoing things as people may wonder where I disappeared to.