Shipping Container Homes The Future Today

Its no accident that countries like Japan and China are already living in small scale homes the fact is the big cities land prices have grown rapidly while many salaries remained stagnant. The fact is we are looking at a world population that is globally growing at an extremely rapid rate which is putting stress and demands on everything around the planet.

Shipping container homes as a box may seem an unworkable living space to many right now but after living in the Philippines I see many people who would be more than happy to live inside a shipping container compared to what they have and this is one of the things we are slowly losing “choice”. Fact is prices are still well above what a sustainable market can afford for housing in the West and its not always about being crammed in like sardines its also about the fact cost of living has increased dramatically in the U.S. while its seeing its unemployment rising rapidly as well. Even with land mass your still talking a lot of money for a small parcel of land meaning that shipping container homes could be the future of the wise investor well aware that many people still want the myth of the “American dream” while them themselves decide to go minimalistic renting out their home or using investment capital to gain income themselves instead of buying a larger home that rapidly becomes a money pit and a drain on finances.

You do have to wonder why so many places have strict building codes against such developments but then again its pretty obvious why you introduce so many requirements for everything these days right down to international procedures and even having a process in place gets a gold star once audited. Its all about giving away control to the bigger players in the game who can afford to waste money on all this wasteful legislation a typical example is the new light bulbs that come with a fitment that isn’t standard and extremely expensive in comparison to standard light bulbs. Does it save energy? maybe but when you can buy a cheap bulb for less than £1 in the UK and these bulbs are costing nearly £20 as well as needing specialist disposal where is the environment benefiting as well as our cash flow being wasted? Its all about taking opportunity away and introducing the corporate single way of life riddling us with debt and a fake belief in that its normal to always be owing money to others when in the past debt was seen as a bad thing. I remember looking back at the 50s and 60s in the UK credit was difficult to come by and often people only used it as a last resort often by pawn shops. It was a shameful thing to be in debt while today the reverse has happened.

Its for this reason as well as many others I can see shipping container homes being the way forward as the way to beat the banks and debt are to find ways to make container living more conventional and acceptable. Small box living is a cheap and cost affective way of reversing fortune from debt to being in credit by being able to slam university debt or other costs previously incurred as the square footage of a small home is a tiny footprint that is also stackable to maximise square footage in the smallest of floor areas. Giving the rise to multiple homes in the same land slot.

Living In A Shipping Container Is It Viable?

Still a bit of a rant with me simply because the size of a shipping container home makes a lot of sense and many units are a lot smaller that people reside in round the world. Maybe people complaining should look at the home they are living in and ask do they need all that internal space? do they utilize it? Would they have been better with a smaller house and bigger open spaces outside?

Because I have lived both lives and to be honest I prefer the minimal living to the cluttered life of consumerism. I still have my gadgets, I still have a double bed and plenty of clothes but what I don’t have is stuff I don’t use and don’t need.


This is our bedroom currently as you can see its got a bunk bed for our two kids plus our double bed. Out of shot is a chest of drawers,bookshelf, wardrobe but the size of the room is actually smaller than a 20ft shipping container, our kids are 3 and coming up 1 so they are still young at the same time we are only running one light at night and one air conditioning unit, not one of each in Ewe’s room, Zoei’s room and our room. Our energy costs are 1/3rd of what they would be in a western styled home. Next door we have a room that is around the same size with a bathroom attached to the exterior. That is used for a day room with kitchen, dining and TV facilities. Are we struggling? Are we crammed in like sardines? Answer is no we have plenty of outdoor space and generally I will work in my office during the day (the bedroom has my desktop PC, Laptop and desk as well). All these things give us a space to live in without costing too much in space or energy. Its not a shipping container home but its pretty much built in similar dimensions due to the shape of the bit of land that was available for it.

I think its peoples perspectives that need to change as Filipino’s here generally live in smaller homes, Japan is similar in fact most of Asia. So who’s right and who’s wrong?