How To Build A Shipping Container Internet Cafe [Video]

These projects are being done by a UK Based charity their website seems to be a work in progress but the concept of the conversion of a shipping container as you can see is a lot more simple than many people realise. Not sure about the solar panel side of things as they don’t have a battery backup as well as no ventilation for the heat build up from the computers in the container.

But then again I am not in Africa and acclimatised to the environment as the kids there may not even notice. I have computers here in the Philippines which are in arcade boxes sat outside the home. I can’t go there because of the mosquitos they seem to love my white legs, but the local kids will sit there for hours completely undisturbed as they are used to it but also I have noticed that with some things locals don’t seem to get affected the same way. Red ants for example I was stood near a beach and they were climbing all over my feet and biting me. But I could see my wife’s feet they actually just went round. Haven’t a clue what the difference was but its happened with other things as well.

Anyway getting off tangent! The shipping container internet cafe is obviously a project that is already working and spreading computer training into developing nations. But another area people often overlook when sending aid is why not convert the containers in advance then load them with the materials that they are sending for projects? Instead of shipping the container back it stays and actually becomes part of the community. For example this where its all panelled and ready to be used as an internet cafe but could just as easily have the far end prepped for shipping with the computers etc. and the rest of the container utilised for sending other materials and equipment.

Vodacom Shipping Container Nescafé And Cell phone Load Station Tanzania

A the shipping container turned Vodocom internet café in central Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

A sign of changes in Tanzania as it takes on the internet highway with its internet cafes. The interesting thing about this building though is the quantity of computers as here in the Philippines its common to find even hundreds of PCs in an internet cafe if its in a major location. But the Vodacom stations in Tanzania house between 3 and 5 computer stations. Not knocking it as it shows things are improving but also the fact that market demand is still limited. But no doubt in the future it will expand in the same way the Philippines embraced the web.

Shipping Container Internet Cafe


Internet cafe inside shipping container - Computer systems

Computer Aid International has installed this solar-powered Internet cafe in Zambia and Kenya. The shipping container internet cafe is housed inside a 20ft shipping container and these units will be distributed to schools right across Zambia and Kenya.

First thing I want to say is that often people question the viability of solar panels for energy at the same time people often forget when thinking about it for themselves they are on grid and in built up areas. What about remote areas that many lack any power for miles or if they do can offer be on and off due to poor reliability.

Internet cafe inside shipping container Solar Panels on Shipping container Internet cafe inside shipping container - Computer systems