Shipping Container Home

I hear more people say they wouldn’t live in a Shipping Container Home than I hear do. But in reality what if you had no choice? Western society is used to being able to pick what they want since before I was born. Times are a changing however but at the same time people are still able to get a good standard of living without as much work as those in China for example.

I came across these photos of workers in China who do have a Shipping Container Home the boom times China are currently in means many people cannot afford housing but will take what is available often that is shipping containers on the edge of a construction site.

shipping container home china

The element of choice has been removed from the equation and not only that the shipping containers are in a sorry state as well. Although it does seem China hasn’t dealt with the housing crisis yet its going to keep hyper inflation affecting the economy until it does solve the problem.

shipping container home china

Can’t live in a shipping container home because its too small? Well imagine this setup where a 20ft shipping container is shared with at least 4 people does look rather grim.

shipping container home china

For the couples you get a whole 4 square meters of space as you can see here with migrant workers 35-year-old Jiang Zhirong with her 35-year-old husband Gong. But this is the problem we are now facing as reality is kicking in that people in China will put up with a real struggle that makes things in the West seem almost trivial in comparison. They suffer with elitism and corruption that affects their entire trade and markets while damaging ours due to the counterfeiting and companies moving East to save money.

shipping container home china

Thing is I do believe things can be done better and that China should be doing more for its workers homes like these below can be cheaply mass produced and its stacking system making it cost affective for workers by lowering the space needed such as below.

shipping container home china

Problem for the rest of us is China doesn’t seem to be slowing and although the West seems to think there is some miracle in propping everything up by a capitalist empire its proving that manufacturing and farming will always be the backbones of economies regardless what people tell you with a pin stripe suit and shiny shoes. Fuel prices keep going up and “worker homes” may eventually become a norm in some areas especially for large scale projects. I worked in construction nearly all my working life and have to admit I have no issue with living in a shipping container home and with the end of peak oil and things changing it may not be “choice” but demand that will make the final decisions in future.

container home made from truck fuel trailer

When I came across this idea it did seem a bit unrealistic but the potential is there for the conversion and like most things its down to personal preference more than anything else. The whole idea is based on the fact with oil scarcity likely to continue vehicles that are likely to see themselves removed from the roads at some point in the near future will be liquid trailers/tankers. Which then opens up the ideas on what to do with them. Aristede Antonas has a vision of putting these units to use and what better than having a vehicle that can be unhitched from the front truck unit giving mobile transportation or easy delivery to site.

The containers themselves are already structurally sound for the use as a home being waterproof and well insulated, adapting the units with doors and windows would obviously be something that would take them from a trailer into a home and an interesting idea to a problem that will occur in the future.

On a green evolution level if the continued oil prices stay high and continue to cause inflation across many markets “shopping local” will become more appealing to the masses and drag many of these vehicles from the road as simply no longer required. May be years away yet but the possibility of it happening is more real than most people imagine.

 converted liquids trailer home  converted liquids trailer home  converted liquids trailer home converted liquids trailer home