Shipping Container Home – “all-season suite,”

One of the problems with building codes in regards to shipping container homes is that there are specific “minimum” room sizes for many things. But like everything there is always a way round it although hoping more and more local government and planning officers start to recognise the viability of shipping container homes.

The “all-season suite,” is a great example of a shipping container home ideal to literally move straight into. They aren’t exactly cheap at $32,500 fully furnished but often people overlook the savings of minimal living with the fact your only heating and cooling a small floor area of 37 square meters of property, which long term means lower running costs.

Shipping container home all season suite Shipping container home all season suite

Shipping container home all season suite Shipping container home all season suite

SNAP Hydroponics

SNAP Hydroponics Ideal For Off Grid Living (No Electric Needed)

SNAP Hydroponics

A system developed in the Philippines which involves nutrient solutions seems to have answered one of the big issues here in the Philippines but also makes it an ideal grow method for container housing or other off grid homes, it doesn’t need electric! Basically the method involves a polystyrene tray that has a lid (often found for food delivery) that you cut circular holes for polystyrene cups to use as plant pots in it before lining the bottom of the tray with plastic sheet to waterproof it. In goes the cheap solution mixed with water and pretty much that’s the pots near enough setup except for a bit of medium to secure the plants but also means that once you have established your tray garden you can literally pick your food from the leaves for lettuce and other crops. I am sure the formula can be adapted for other types of plants as well.

Now bearing in mind a shipping container home has a large roof area which is not only flat but suffers with heat build up I am sure this may be a solution to help drop that temperature down while keeping your greens out of the reach of many garden pests. Adding a ladder to the side of your container means your plants are happily growing away on your roof and the fact they are self watering from the solution your not constantly worrying they dry out continuously. The other obvious benefits of SNAP Hydroponics is it can be up scaled or downscaled for winter or personal needs. I am currently researching it more here and going to put an order in for the SNAP solution so I can trial it but it does appear to be a very cheap option of growing greens, which are often overpriced in the Philippines.

SNAP Hydroponics

SNAP Hydroponics

AAdBuild Shipping Container Home

AAdBuild offer up a completed shipping container conversion ideal for dropping straight onto location. The design internally and externally offer up modern design which makes it difficult to realise there is a shipping container under there. The whole home maximises space and shows what can be done with a bit of thought and a shipping container. Turning a box into a shipping container home.

Shipping Container Homes A Real Home!

The dispute over shipping containers being too small to live in comes up regularly but I think its more a case of what people have become used to. TV always shows the big homes as normal in every show as nobody seems to live in apartments anymore just 4 – 5 bedroom houses on their own. I sit and look at things and wonder why? because I can see big spaces that just need heating,cooling,cleaning but more importantly it seems many people are living in a museum due to the scale of the homes.

Nothing wrong with a family home just that there should be a family in it, shipping container homes due to modular states can be up scaled as needed meaning the studio flat 2 x 20ft containers is ideal for a student while the 6 x 40ft is ideal for the family of 4. Thing is if you bought the land as a student and lived in the smaller unit you could probably incorporate the small 2 x 20ft unit into the rest of the home as you expanded.

The reason I find shipping container homes real ones is that sense is they are built for peoples needs rather than consumerism telling us what we need.

A shipping container home is designed around us with its modular form allowing us to create a space that reflects us in every part of it. Giving a unique environment we can call home.

20ft Open Top Shipping Container Dimensions

20ft open top shipping container The 20ft Open Top Shipping Container is ideal for a module of building a shipping container home specifically a staircase to the upper floors as it will reduce cutting away time of excess steel. When ordering a shipping container please make sure you have a good haulier that can accommodate your needs and always get a quoted price in advance of ordering your shipping container.







Maximum Gross Weight: 67,200 lbs.
Tare Weight: 5,070 lbs.
Payload: 62,129 lbs.
Capacity: 1,164 cu. ft.

Internal Dimensions

Length: 19′ 2"
Length (between top headers): 18′ 5"
Length (between corner gussets): 17′ 7"
Width: 7′ 6"
Width (between top rails): 7′ 3"
Height: 7′ 6"
Height (under top rail): 7′ 3"

External Dimensions

Length: 19′ 10"
Width: 8′
Height: 8′ 6"

Door Opening

Width: 7′ 6"
Height: 7′ 4"

Shipping Container Banks

I remember living in Germany before and finding the banks often in odd remote locations. Partly because we were with the military meaning there are plenty of soldiers in remote places needing access to money as well as having a good tax free income offshore. But also the farming communities still needed servicing for bank access. Odd to think though that many banks go extreme on security when more often than not reducing funds available or putting in a public place may actually reduce the risk of robbery in the first place. I remember talking to a bank manager before regarding “front of house” the counters we see when we are withdrawing funds. The maximum he said he ever had on the front of house was £30,000 which isn’t a lot considering 10 years in prison if caught in the UK robbing a bank.

At the same time modern banking today has tried to remove cash from the system where possible meaning most people don’t need large cash amounts and more likely just after money for a night out on a Friday and ordering a curry. Which makes these smaller shipping container banks ideal for many locations especially with banks being keen to squeeze as much profit out of us while downsizing branches all over the place.

Shipping Container Bank Germany Shipping Container Bank Austria

shipping container office (32 inter connected containers) Road Island – Box Office 460



This is a rather interestingly designed building that makes a colourful modern statement. Built from 32 recycled shipping containers it offers 12 office/studio units for business rentals. Constructed on a waste piece of land in road island previously the Harris Lumber yard. you can see how swiftly the construction came about in the video below. Another reason why shipping containers make an ideal modular framework.

Jewelry wall mirror cabinet with lock ideal for shipping container furniture

Jewelery cabinet full length mirror

This mirror is another item that can be built into the wall of the shipping container as well as the ability to hide the locking mechanism by adding a few bits to the front of the mirror which would then make the mirror look “flush” and not the fact it keeps your jewelry secure. On the other hand it also stops jewelry getting all tangled up which often happens in a jewelry box. I have added a link to Amazon below for those interested in purchasing one but depending where you are I don’t think it would be difficult to build one with the main expense likely to be the glass not the actual cabinet.



Murphy bed (folding bed from wall) ideal for use in a shipping container home

In any home the one thing that takes up the most space without actually being functional most of the time in daylight hours has to be the bed which in a shipping container an area taken up by an area 4ft wide by 6ft long is a lot of space to waste just to lie down. At the same time sofa beds often don’t offer the same level of comfort of a normal bed so a compromise has to be made which is where the Murphy bed or folding bed comes in as it allows the unit to be put away when not in use.

Downside was when I seen how much people are charging for these units which is why I did a bit of research on getting the mechanism as well as plans on how to build a Murphy bed which is what I am sharing below as no doubt I know others will be interested for the same reason as me.


Modular floating house

modular home hamburg, germany

At first it may not seem relevant to a shipping container home but then when you start to see the design uses, size, shapes and overall use of space they do fit into container homes as either something that can be done with shipping container homes or for getting some ideas. At the same time modular floating homes also bring up some new questions such as why aren’t more people doing this. Here in the Philippines there are plenty of locations these types of homes would be safe from tidal damage or bad weather but also may be a cheap solution to some of the housing issues in the Philippines or even space for those yachting enthusiasts looking for a weekend getaway with friends or somewhere to return to in the evenings.

modular home hamburg, germany image

Or for waterways that aren’t prone to heavy flooding or rapid waters they could also make an ideal stop off floating hotel for boat tours or a bit more of a unique experience. The natural cooling of the water will help keep these buildings at an ambient temperature although the power connections could initially be an issue to get to the homes at first unless solar/wind is used.