Klaas Cabin–Malaysia

Klaas Cabin by Kinwai marketing in Malaysia offered this modular home design which I think will stir up a lot of interest in the design not just in Malaysia but most of Asia for those interested in modular design.

I have been talking to Brandon from the company and looking at the design of the home can see why this would be something that could be picked up by many markets in Asia. The first thing being that exterior wise the Klaas cabin has a rather unique and modern feel to it. Which if your used to the concrete jungle like the Philippines where hollow block concrete blocks are king then it brings a nice contrast to everything around us. The exterior cladding no doubt sits on an internal frame work which is then sees ply overlaid on the interior. Ok ply may not suit everyone but in reality its a “choice” and that’s part of modular building the ability to change parts to suit peoples choices and needs.

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The exterior layout with its roof light openings allow a lot of natural light to enter the building throughout the day. Obviously another section that can be altered to suit someone’s needs be it glazed, glass blades or even just vented depending on the persons needs. The wood framing around the windows add a finishing touch will adding a bit of security grilling for the home or office. Finished off with exterior lighting along the length of the building.

klaas cabin,kinwai,malaysia,modular,prefabricated,prefab,house,home,construction

The interior ply walls seem at home in the design which is a little bit strange for me as its not normally a “finished” use product for me. I do use ply like this but generally its flooring or sheeted over and then cladded. but with the wood flooring it looks very at home.

klaas cabin,kinwai,malaysia,modular,prefabricated,prefab,house,home,construction

All in all can see a lot of uses for this here in the Philippines as well as other countries and I am interested to find out more about the structural building and how it fits together. Is it built on a wooden frame, aluminium or steel? Because to be honest I can see my next office being built in the same way as this building with a similar design. I would like to thank Brandon for sharing their company design of their modular home product which by the way hasn’t got the limitations of shipping container dimensions due to being custom built! You can alter the dimensions to suit your needs and land space. You can contact Brandon regarding building enquiries at leisurehaus@yahoo.com

Shipping Container house – Studio H:T

 Studio H:T - Shipping container house

This house was constructed and designed by Studio H:T and resides in Nederland, Colorado, USA. Its floor area is approx 1,517 square feet and to be honest the design they put together did get me first wondering if it was just a modular house until I seen the construction photos. The paneled walls make the home look rather unique but also to the point that its use of mixed colours contrasting with the environment actually make it blend in with them even more. Add to that the home is set in a V shape the sitting room opens up the wild open spaces and fantastic views. One of the most unique and interesting designs for a shipping container house I have seen so far and probably one of the best.

 Studio H:T - Shipping container house  

 Studio H:T - Shipping container house  Studio H:T - Shipping container house  Studio H:T - Shipping container house  Studio H:T - Shipping container house  Studio H:T - Shipping container house  Studio H:T - Shipping container house  Studio H:T - Shipping container house  Studio H:T - Shipping container house

Practical Houseboat for lake use

A floating home which appears mainly from timber construction but offers an interesting design for a home on waterways. No doubt could be adapted if not already to utilize sustainable materials. The home was actually prefabricated and travelled from the contractors workshop from another location on the lake. Although the timber frame also makes this a lighter home for construction, I am sure that shipping containers could be used in the same way as the shape of the home could easily be adapted to shipping container usage for recycling containers at the same time if looking to do something similar. Here in the Philippines for example timber isn’t always practical due to cost as well as termites. Which is the main reason most construction here is done in concrete.Practical Houseboat for lake usePractical Houseboat for lake usePractical Houseboat for lake use

Most people think of prefab construction as being off-site pieces assembled on site – floating a whole house was quite a task but saved time, energy and money in the long run. It is a rare building that can be more cheaply built to float than to sit on land.

2 Bedroom Shipping Container Home

2 bedroom shipping container home

At first this shipping container doesn’t look like much but its actually maximised its space pretty well to provide 2 good sized bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, washer and dryer area,dining area and kitchen. There seems to be an absence of sitting room but could be utilized in the corridor between the two bedrooms as it appears the owners spend their spare time in the bedrooms (judging by the TV in there). The shipping container home has a good size of kitchen which is a must for many. My wife loves cooking and its the one area she would love to be big wherever or whatever our home is. Good use of space throughout this shipping container house.

image image kitchen - Shipping Container Home  kitchen - Shipping Container Home Dining Room - Shipping Container Home Toilet - Shipping Container Home Toilet - Shipping Container Homekitchen - Shipping Container Homekitchen - Shipping Container Home Washing / Dryer room - Shipping Container Home Shower Room- Shipping Container Home Main Bedroom - Shipping Container HomeMain Entrance Glass Doors - Shipping Container Home Main Entrance Glass Doors - Shipping Container Home Corridor- Shipping Container Home Main Bedroom - Shipping Container Home Second Bedroom - Shipping Container Home  Second Bedroom - Shipping Container Home