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I am extremely keen on this idea as we have started Hydroponics here in Cebu,Philippines and although sunlight isn’t an issue or heat often what is here is theft. Having lockable units may be the solution for that problem as prices in the Philippines for food are often inflated. We seem to get the lower grade stock at the same price people are paying for high grade in UK supermarkets. But back on tangent I do think they are onto something with the idea although likely more useful for government buildings such as schools and hospitals as a provider of good quality food than general population use. May yet to be proved wrong mind!

Shipping container homes in Mexico

Vita Espacios Vita EspaciosVita EspaciosVita Espacios

Vita Espacios is taking shipping container homes very seriously and utilizing shipping containers in many forms to suit peoples needs at very low cost.

Our solutions include:
• Homes
• Schools and Classrooms
• Doctor’s Offices and Clinics
• Shelters and Refuges
• Small Businesses
• Intelligence and Police Centers
• Army and Communication Centers
• Attention Centers
• Dressing Rooms and Restrooms
• Eating Areas
• Offices

Previously working with a modular company in the UK it became very apparent how adaptable using containers were. We built everything from morgues and hospitals to washrooms depending on the needs and specifications of the clients. Some wanted cheap and cheerful while the Ministry Of Defence had very strict guidelines and quality controls to adhere to. The important thing here though with the developments in Mexico is that they are looking at the cost as a priority. The shipping containers themselves by design are structurally sound if utilized correctly which does mean you have a great unit to adapt to all sorts of projects.

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