Good Example Of Low Cost Shipping Container Home (Video)

The world isn’t getting any bigger but sooner or later people are going to have to start to downsize and the current credit crunch issues on everyone’s pocket may be a sign of it already happening. This shipping container home (Towards the end of the video) is a good example of utilizing a couple of containers for a family home.

Shipping Container Home Video Australia.

The interesting thing about this style of shipping container home is although purpose built instead of recycled its already complete and ready to go. I see a lot of negative posting about “its too expensive” and how its not pretty. But I think people forget about things like student accommodation, warzones, factory accommodation, construction accommodation, remote areas. Add to that you can pretty much drop and go its a very good home design that is very versatile and useful for many uses. Add to that the building won’t suffer with those nasty Australian termites I can’t really see much negative about it except maybe the pricing but everything is based on use and needs. If you want to have an instant off the shelf home its obviously going to cost a lot more than building a shipping container home from scratch yourself.