Is Container Living Green Enough?

When you go through shipping container homes you will find a trend in the majority of them that they are recycling and trying not to mess around with the area they are housed in, But is this enough?

Earlier looking at the shipping container house in Maui it hit me how they had added to the area by shading the building at the same time hiding it. What this also means is they had actually brought new plant life to the area as well as the new home.

Which gets me onto the subject of are we thinking enough “out of the box?” as obviously planning permissions and permits are often a headache but wouldn’t being over green actually hide the house and enhance the area making it harder for them to say no?

We are in the middle of a so called green revolution of some description, disappointedly it seems more of a middle class fad of fashion in the UK rather than actually trying to do our bit. Driving 20mins to offload the empty bottles at a bottle bank isn’t exactly helping the environment. In many cases the recycling isn’t even viable or green its more a case of “look we are trying something so give us a pat on the back”.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t have home knitted jumpers with a Greenpeace badge or smoke roll ups. I’m a realist not a green activist. For me its more about downsizing and being less of a consumer than bottle banks and paper recycling. Container homes are a step in the right direction but also have to think we could be doing more for the areas around our new container homes.

Electronics And Air Conditioning Installed In Shipping Container Home

Finally the air conditioning is finished and running also helps maintaining a constant temperature with the front door also being installed even though still minus its handle. Wiring has also been completed in the apartment at least. Still need to get on with caulking and painting the skirting boards before the kitchen cabinets can go in. Hopefully all this will be done by the end of the month.

intelligent light switch
After reading about a smart home system in Popular mechanics I decided to go ahead and install the system in my home by replacing some of the lighting switches around the house. Instead of having a single switch the system uses multiple switching where the switches communicate with each other around the house. Things like being able to turn on and off the garage lights from the sitting room as well as the outside lighting from the sitting room. At the same time the system also allows all the lights to be rigged to one switch so you can switch all the lights off when going out, Pretty smart stuff.

container home made from truck fuel trailer

When I came across this idea it did seem a bit unrealistic but the potential is there for the conversion and like most things its down to personal preference more than anything else. The whole idea is based on the fact with oil scarcity likely to continue vehicles that are likely to see themselves removed from the roads at some point in the near future will be liquid trailers/tankers. Which then opens up the ideas on what to do with them. Aristede Antonas has a vision of putting these units to use and what better than having a vehicle that can be unhitched from the front truck unit giving mobile transportation or easy delivery to site.

The containers themselves are already structurally sound for the use as a home being waterproof and well insulated, adapting the units with doors and windows would obviously be something that would take them from a trailer into a home and an interesting idea to a problem that will occur in the future.

On a green evolution level if the continued oil prices stay high and continue to cause inflation across many markets “shopping local” will become more appealing to the masses and drag many of these vehicles from the road as simply no longer required. May be years away yet but the possibility of it happening is more real than most people imagine.

 converted liquids trailer home  converted liquids trailer home  converted liquids trailer home converted liquids trailer home

Smart green shipping container home

When building a shipping container home its important to look at the initial location and how you can blend and use the environment to your advantage. In this case you will see several green ideas that work very well in using nature to assist rather than hinder. Everything from rainwater harvesting and grey water treatment to using bladed windows on both sides of the container to allow natural airflow and light into the building. Initially the costs may be a bit higher than conventional home building but long term your looking at a home that needs no artificial light during daylight hours and its natural cooling means that air conditioning isn’t needed either. A video well worth watching for ideas on how to build a green shipping container home.