Sustainable Green Housing For New Orleans

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When I seen these home designs it instantly appealed to me as the use of natural foliage for shade is something that can also be utilised for shipping container housing as we all know sitting under trees in the shade makes things a lot more bearable so why not put an entire house or apartments under greenery?

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GreeNOLA (NOLA being short for New Orleans, Louisiana) took the win in a Global Green Competition. It was submitted by New York-based architects Andrew Kotchen and Matthew Berman of Workshop/APD.

The GreeNOLA plan takes six houses and two multifamily units which employ energy-efficient appliances, solar power and recycled building materials. Also integrating child care and a community garden in the hope this will help cut down on pollution and reduce energy consumption by at least 50%.

Runner-up design: NOLA shotgunLOFT, Schwartz Architecture/Frederic Schwartz – NYC, NY

Although runner up with ShotgunLOFT by Frederic Schwartz of Schwartz Architecture didn’t win his design works well with modular construction and trellis’s to give natural shade stepped away from the buildings. On top of looking at the design and home elements the cost of building the units was also looked at by the designer who came up with a self-help/sweat equity financial model. Which I agree with as it brings in the human element of pride and being part of the project.

Shipping Container Home -Red Neck Retreat

Shipping Container Red Neck Retreat - Home

Shipping container homes have existed in other forms besides the yuppies wanting to do something positive and the fanatical greens. Its a practical home for hunters and fishermen due to the price and characteristics of having a shipping container as a home. Location is always an issue but the thing with the container when being sited it can transport most of the materials with it inside for whatever purpose its required. This home is made from two 40ft shipping containers and designed for its off grid location with a composting toilet solar photovoltaic power supply, a solar water heater as well as a biomass heater. From the outside it doesn’t look too exciting but inside its gone down the route of a traditional hunting lodge. I would advise dropping by The Chive for more photos and information as they have various parts of the construction going on so you can see the project being developed over a time frame.

The construction of the shipping container home involved stud partitioning using 2×4 batons that was then insulated and panelled over with wood. Double glazed windows were also used on three sides of the home.

The home offers two nice bedrooms and a bathroom with a composting toilet. The back of the container home is also partly buried to help with insulation helping to create an ambient temperature. A wood burner stove takes care of those cold winter nights.

Via The Chive

Shipping Container Red Neck Retreat - Homewood panelled bedroomWood panelled room with wood burning stove

wood panelled kitchen - shipping container homeShipping Container Home With Solar Panelstimber cladded bathroom - shipping container home

Shipping Container Grocery Store – Seattle, U.S.

Shipping container Grocery Store

The Stockbox Grocers venture idea is to bring essential groceries and fresh produce to urban areas that struggle for access and cost of healthy food. The first miniature shipping container grocery store opened in Delridge in Seattle. Its the prototype of the venture and will be tested at its location for 2 months before looking Stockbox look to introduce other mini grocery stores around Seattle.

The concept and hopes of Stockbox is that it will become easy for residents to walk or bike to the stores to buy fresh food. A small grocery store can meet the needs of urban communities and in reality it used to! We have been slowly converting things to suit the car and the out of town shopping when in theory these places should never have been removed. The advantages of this model though is partnering deals will be struck to allow the Stockbox grocers to operate on car parks around Seattle. The other positive thing about this venture is its targeting the people within communities that only have public transport as an option which isn’t the greatest when looking to shop.

Monday September 12th seen Ferrence and Jacqueline Gjurgevich open the first store at West Haven Apartments car park in Delridge. The small stores can handle 5 customers at a time only need one attendant and will be open 7 days a week.

“A lot of people who come in are breaking down the myth that people of low income and mixed income don’t want access to organic or natural food,” Ferrence tells GOOD. In the first week, the shop proved to be successful and interestingly enough, the most popular items were orange juice, lemons, Dave’s Killer Bread, corn and Annie’s Mac and Cheese.

shipping container grocery store shipping container grocery store shipping container grocery store

New Zealand Uses Recycled Shipping Containers To Promote New Zealand Films (New Zealand On Screen)

New Zealand on Screen Uses Recycled Shipping Containers  

Bit of a gimmick project but one that is likely to interest if not just from the film front but also curiousity as to “what is inside”. The shipping container multi media rooms bring film to the general public as well as easily mobile to take from town to town especially with their more mobile caravan version. From October 23rd New Zealand On Screen will show iconic New Zealand films, TV and music videos both inside and on the exterior of the shipping containers in Auckland and Wellington. The caravan setup on the other hand will tour small towns that wouldn’t normally be part of the film festival.

New Zealand on Screen Uses Recycled Shipping Containers New Zealand on Screen Uses Recycled Shipping Containers New Zealand on Screen Uses Recycled Shipping Containers New Zealand on Screen Uses Recycled Shipping Containers scene stealer app designed for the New Zealand On Screen Festival multi media wall Vintage lounge New Zealand on Screen Uses Recycled Shipping Containers touring cinema screen visiting 18 towns caravan cinema (screen room)

Shipping Container Summer Offices In Sardinia – DesignBoom

Designboom‘s summer offices are located on the island of Sardinia away from their main base in Milan. Bit of a retreat from the city living the team started to work on their idea of building the summer offices out of shipping containers. An ideal solution to the problems with Sardinia’s strict building codes as shipping containers like many other parts of the world fall into “temporary” accommodation. The three 20ft shipping containers were adapted for a live and work space for the team during the summer months. Not a shack on a hill but fully working and functioning electricity,water, air conditioning and high speed internet.

Two of the containers are set in an L shape manner with a gap between them used as an outdoor kitchen diner unit being made in the gap. The third container is used for the bathroom and shower room complete with composting toilet,washing machine and sink.

The containers have also had sliding doors installed that fit snug behind the shipping container doors to allow plenty of daylight and cross ventilation into the structures. The added bonus of the L shape layout being that if too much wind comes off the waters they can open the shipping container doors to create a windbreak for the eating area.

The containers were painted with ceramic paint SUPERTHERM® but no insulation has been added.


Designboom's summer office - Shipping container office Designboom's summer office - Shipping container office

Designboom's summer office - Shipping container office

Recycled Shipping container environmental community centre – Evergreen Brickworks

Recycled shipping container community centre 

In Toronto is an environmental community centre Evergreen Brickworks has taken a derelict Don Valley Brick Works and transformed it into a sustainable urban development. The majority of the works is outdoors on its 12 hectare site, there is urban farming as well as the bright green community centre which has been constructed from a shipping container as well as other materials salvaged from around the old brick yard. It has been designed and constructed by Levitt Goodman Architects.

A 20ft shipping container has been refurbished and redeveloped into a community centre with the Evergreen’s signature colour, barn doors have been added to open up both ends of the building to “welcome” visitors. Adding a chain to the roof with a scupper rainwater trickles down the chain and is stored in a water butt. The interior has been decorated with TimberSIL which is a non toxic alternative to pressure treating timbers by using a sodium-silicate based process. Another interesting feature is the furniture made from recycled wood pallets using furniture maker Andrew Reesor and a group of grade 10 students.

Although the project is temporary the shipping container will later be utilized as a warming spot and kiosk for skateboarding in the winter while in the summer used as an information desk.

Recycled shipping container community centreRecycled shipping container community centreRecycled shipping container community centreRecycled shipping container community centre

Photography by :- Ben Rahn/A-Frame