Using Google Sketch Up To Design Shipping Container Homes

Often people looking at shipping container homes are on a tight budget. On top of that they don’t want to go and do a training course as well as buy something like Autocad which may be all the bells and whistles but with shipping containers you already have fixed dimensions. This pretty much means that your working “inside a box” which sort of limits the amount of mistakes you can make construction wise as it will still need to fit into a 20ft or 40ft container  generally.

But what I did come across today was this Google sketch up video someone has put together showing how it can be done and with Google sketch up being free and quick to learn how to use would be a good start for people thinking about container buildings. I am still trying to find the time to get on there myself to start putting models together for different designs that I can give away on the but right now over worked and a busy family life leaves very little time to get started on drawing up homes.

How To Search For Used Shipping Containers Online

shipping container for saleIdeally you will find it easier to use a laptop or a home PC than you would a smart phone. One of the reasons being that some of the sites you will come across will not be smart phone friendly due to the age of the sites (often not regularly updated). Which also means better to give them a call for stock availability etc.

Search term wise I would use Google or Bing pretty much everything else on the web now feeds off either of these two for information so basically whatever is on Google or Bing is likely to be in Yahoo because Yahoo is using one of they’re search engines for its data. Do key search words like shipping container or used container but also add your town such as “shipping container Maryland” and if you don’t get an initial hit on that go to the region or county expanding outwards until you start seeing sites coming back that are supplying shipping containers in your area. If getting a lot of hits and some indirectly using a longer search may improve chances of getting what you want for specific searches :-



  • Buy used shipping container
  • Shipping container for sale
  • Used steel container
  • Used storage containers
  • Used sea containers
  • Shipping container unit
  • Steel shipping container

Due to the way search engines work these days its also worth noting the side advertisers on the search engines as its likely the company your wanting is there. Search engines advertise to specific searches in specific regions meaning the answer could be right in front of you amongst the Google adverts.

Remember also to have a look at E-bay and search around Government surplus and liquidations. You may get a real bargain from one of these especially if people are looking to just offload used shipping containers for disposal.

Always worth not taking the first thing you see and looking at multiple suppliers for quotes and prices so you can compare the cost of shipping containers as well as getting them delivered.