Sustainable Green Housing For New Orleans

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When I seen these home designs it instantly appealed to me as the use of natural foliage for shade is something that can also be utilised for shipping container housing as we all know sitting under trees in the shade makes things a lot more bearable so why not put an entire house or apartments under greenery?

Brad Pitt, Global Green, New Orleans, Hurrican Katrina, Architecture competition, Housing in New Orleans, Green Building, GreeNOLA, Andrew Kotchen and Matthew Berman of Workshop/APD

GreeNOLA (NOLA being short for New Orleans, Louisiana) took the win in a Global Green Competition. It was submitted by New York-based architects Andrew Kotchen and Matthew Berman of Workshop/APD.

The GreeNOLA plan takes six houses and two multifamily units which employ energy-efficient appliances, solar power and recycled building materials. Also integrating child care and a community garden in the hope this will help cut down on pollution and reduce energy consumption by at least 50%.

Runner-up design: NOLA shotgunLOFT, Schwartz Architecture/Frederic Schwartz – NYC, NY

Although runner up with ShotgunLOFT by Frederic Schwartz of Schwartz Architecture didn’t win his design works well with modular construction and trellis’s to give natural shade stepped away from the buildings. On top of looking at the design and home elements the cost of building the units was also looked at by the designer who came up with a self-help/sweat equity financial model. Which I agree with as it brings in the human element of pride and being part of the project.