The Periscope project – San Diego shipping container art centre

Periscope Project - San Diego, Shipping container Art centre

The Periscope project is a funky modern container art centre which resides on a small lot in San Diego. Constructed with 5 shipping containers (recycled). The art space also offers living and working spaces as well as the shop front and exhibition area. The original concept started in 2007 by the late Petar Perisi. An interesting use of a shipping container that enhances its environment as well as gives a place that offers regular meetings and discussion workshops.

It offers up a mix of industrial feel with clean fresh art display in an interesting blend of building use. The narrow slit windows I also like as on other container designs this style of window would be very useful for allowing hot air to escape. Its kept much of the container buildings in basic form while utilizing spaces between and above the containers for garden spaces and an outdoor area.

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Shipping container home don’t forget to do the garden spaces

The one thing people are guaranteed to say about shipping container homes is they look like shipping containers even when finished. Thing is a lot of that is because people choose to show the industrial pre-use of the buildings stock as a reminder to others its recycled but in many other cases its purely down to the building functions and that’s enough. But to encourage other people’s interest in doing the same with the excess containers out there ideally we need to be finishing the projects and beautifying to show not only hey I have a shipping container home but also a beautiful home and the garden areas are one of the areas that can do that without too much investment (unless you want to of course).

So I have provided a few photos below that show good use of small garden areas and hopefully they can help people get creative with their garden spaces.

small garden area

small garden area small garden area small garden area