Container living for surfers–The Surf Shack

Surf shack


In Washington, a surfer/designer who hated the long distance to travel to surf eventually created his own surf shack right next to his favourite surfing location.

Its a little white for me but primarily made from recycled walls its functionality and the fact shelves and beds etc. are fold out gives the maximum amount of usage in the minimal 20ft container.

Great idea and I am sure many people will see some interesting ideas for their own designs from this weekend surf retreat.








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Future Shack – Sean Godsell designed emergency and relief housing out of a shipping container


Sean Godsell designed emergency and relief housing that utilize recycled shipping containers. They can be mass produced, inexpensive to construct and maintain, and easy to ship and stockpile, the containers are a standard 8 feet wide by 8 feet high by 20 feet long. Adequate for temporary housing and relief in an emergency situation. and adequate size for temporary housing. The future shack design also allows for use of local products for such things as the formation of the roof.image



The front of the building offers a ramp for access due to its raised height as the legs also allow adjustment for uneven ground. The walls also raise to provide extra shade and create a makeshift balcony. There is also roof openings to allow ventilation as well as the roof canopy. Making the building not only functional in an emergency but also so it feels more like “home”.


Inside the container the walls are lined with plywood and features built in furniture. A table and bed that folds down from the wall and another wall that contains the plumbing fixtures for the kitchen and bathroom. This design allows maximising space as folding the table/bed away allows the room to be multi purpose as well as space and functionality when needed.

The design of the building offers functionality with a simple but homely experience. It may not be the greatest of interior designs but its not supposed to be, practicality and costs are the main concern here and it meets those issues well and on budget.


Shipping container office idea – TS Cabin and Container

What I like about this shipping container office is its functionality. Its not going to need a lot of maintenance and its kept everything based round what you need rather than what you want. The lining of the walls on the inside with what appears to be washable panels also makes good use of the unit as no doubt its been well insulated behind the panels.image

I do wonder why companies aren’t utilizing these types of structures more especially for things like mobile sites or for using land that is currently not ready for construction but could be cleared and rented out with small office units for income while the construction project is on hold. Some of these large scale developments could be for years or even things like the U.K. where you get supermarkets buying up land in the hope of blocking its competition being able to build is another prime example of wasted land that could be using these types of buildings to help stimulate small business growth.

Another unit produced by TS Cabin & Container

Shipping container home on a tight budget, also suitable for bird watchers


What I loved about this house is its simply practical. There is no big expense spent on it and its obviously someone who has either a keen interest in nature or like getting away from it all. The video is also shot in sections so you can see the home develop over the length of the video. Not the most complex of designs but its obvious that its functionality was more important to the owner and part of the buildings charm. I could imagine having a place like this up in the mountains as a weekend retreat to just sit and watch the wildlife and the days go by.


shipping container home

Maison Shipping Container Home 2x 40ft ( 55m2 )

This home has gone a bit overboard on the luxury design of a shipping container home on the fittings but has some interesting character and design. Its functionality and usage is all there but giving with the hot tub and a few other things may not be so obvious. Love the red kitchen layout but does seem to have too many seating areas with an external seating, small sitting room area with more chairs then next to that a dining table and chairs. I am sure there could be better use of the space. All in all though the design is nice,functional and built!

Shipping container home – Krabi province, Thailand

This home is a little unique in comparison to the others we have come across as this shipping container home is also a shipping container restaurant combined. Built on a rented lot in Krabi province, Thailand. Total cost for construction around $39,000 but the owner did admit in the construction phase lots of mistakes as there was a new learning curve to be learned not only for him but also the workers he employed.

For me the functionality of the building is proof that not only that shipping containers can be homes but also businesses that can adapt with the scale of your business. The fact containers are modular by design also means you can add more when needed.

shipping container home - Krabi province, Thailand

shipping container home - Krabi province, Thailand shipping container home - Krabi province, Thailand shipping container home - Krabi province, Thailand