Installing Ikea Kitchen In Shipping Container Home

Ikea Kitchen installation

Eventually the kitchen installation is going in and I had heard it was difficult to put these units together but so far so good its been pretty easy. It does take time to make sure things are level and lined up but its getting there. The refrigerator is supposed to be turning up next week and I hope the kitchen is finished in time for its arrival.

When I was researching the construction of shipping container home projects I was disappointed that there was little information on the conclusion of projects and I am beginning to see why. Its the end of the project or second fix as its called in construction that is time consuming. Putting the concrete floor or the framing may seem like major steps in the construction but then seem minor milestones compared to the hassles and effort going in to installing things like flooring, kitchen cabinets or painting trim. The garage apartment is an extension of the container house and I will be getting back to that as soon as I can with some updates more frequently.

Shipping Container Mobile Library

Shipping container mobile library

I remember the mobile libraries in my childhood and to be honest in locations that struggle for access to libraries it makes a lot of sense. This converted shipping container was conceived to support local Dutch schools that either couldn’t afford or didn’t have space for their own libraries. The BiebBus can pull up and raise its upper deck creating a kid safe environment that is also interesting and entertaining to the kids. Big lights, see through flooring all make it somewhere kids want to go and learn.

The library although packed with books it also has 4 computer terminals as well. Modern technology replacing an old community service thanks to Architect Jord Den Hollander who came up with the idea of raising the container outer shell as a reading room above while the main library remained below.

The reading room offers up a floor with magnifying glass that make the kids look huge from below at the same time its beanbags and round windows give the kids somewhere to sit and read.

Shipping container mobile library

Shipping container mobile library Shipping container mobile library Shipping container mobile library sketch