Installing Solar Tubes

Installing the solar tubes went in easier than expected. There was nothing covered in the manual about flat roofs or U panels but all seemed to fit really easily. At the same time hopefully going to get a bit of rain to test them this week before the insulation goes in. Either that or a garden hose to check for leaks before everything is sealed up.

solar light tube installation solar light tube installation solar light tube installation solar light tube installation

Natural lighting tubes for shipping container homes

natural lighting tubesAlthough many shipping container housing designs are based round flat roofs those that are pitched can take advantage of the natural light sources available from the sun by inserting lighting tubes through the pitched roof and into the container home. Advantages of this is natural light being healthier for people as well as the fact its free. There are different types and shapes of the roof lights some being flat and others being dome type but either way they are a good idea for adding light into a home.

How it works is the light inlet (dome or flat roof window) gathers rays of light which beam down onto a tube that reflects light. You will have to check manufacturers for the types of tube available as some do have flexibility in bending to allow movement of the tubes to other areas besides directly below the inlet.

Another option I haven’t seen as well though looking at square designed inlet is using skylights for the same purpose but with the added benefit of adding hydraulic sides so that it can be raised to allow airflow as well as being able to close in bad weather. Those types of Skylight can be fitted on flat surfaces such as a shipping container home roof.


natural lighting tubes natural lighting tubes