Shipping Container Art Gallery In Oslo, Norway

A Shipping Container Gallery based in Oslo by MMW for Alexandra Dyvi

A Shipping Container Gallery based in Oslo by MMW for Alexandra Dyvi not only is a cheap method of construction but also extremely environmental when using recycled materials especially if the containers themselves in this case are near their final destination. But also the containers themselves are in keeping with a dockside look.

A Shipping Container Gallery based in Oslo by MMW for Alexandra Dyvi


A Shipping Container Gallery based in Oslo by MMW for Alexandra Dyvi

Due to the lack of light in shipping containers because of no windows the addition of circular windows opposite each other allows strong northern light to pass through, as well as rectangular end windows bringing plenty of light. The original site was one of ship building which is another in keeping factor of the shipping container structure. Especially when you introduce walkways and steel ship type steps.

The structure itself is made up of 10 shipping containers which were then insulated on the interior before covered in plywood and sheetrock.

A Shipping Container Gallery based in Oslo by MMW for Alexandra Dyvi


40ft High Cube Dry Shipping Container Dimensions

40ft high cube dry shipping container

When purchasing a 40ft High Cube Dry Shipping Container be aware of freight costs for delivery and contact haulage companies in advance for price comparisons to the final destination from collection including any fees for unloading. Below we have added the dimensions of 40ft High Cube Dry Shipping Containers of standard size.


Maximum Gross Weight: 67,200 lbs.
Tare Weight: 8,223 lbs.
Payload: 58,976 lbs.

Internal Dimensions

Length: 39′ 1"
Width: 7′ 6"
Height: 8′ 7"

External Dimensions

Length: 40′
Width: 8′
Height: 9′ 6"

Door Opening

Width: 7′ 6"
Height: 8′ 4"

20ft Shipping containers for sale P60,000 each may vary in price recommend email for confirmation of availability–Cebu, Philippines




Part of the shipping container housing we are looking to do is to encourage others to get involved and DIY (do it yourself!) which is why this project has come up which is basically we supply “SECONDHAND” containers at P60,000 each now these have been used and will be battered in some way no doubt but you have to remember your cladding over the exterior/interior and on top of that they were designed for ship travelling in some of the worst conditions on the planet. Doesn’t mean they are going to be battered to death but it does mean that your buying a pretty indestructible module if you take care of it. Rust issues will be minimalized due to the type of steel involved and like most things its all about preparation rather than finish.

So if your looking for a 20ft container they are P60,000+ delivery we also provide 40ft but due to the road conditions within Cebu I would recommend buying 2 20ft and welding them together as getting a truck with HIAB (crane) is possible or even using a forklift or backhoe to unload and move to final destination where as using 40ft containers the issues become more complex.

Email :-

Container House A Real Solution Or Just A Eco Dream?

As you can see in this blog we collate container house designs and projects all the time but is it just a modern fad? In the UK doing your bit for recycling people will talk about the fact they bought a hard wearing reusable bag and no longer use plastic ones at the supermarket. But to me its simply a token gesture and it shows more on the fact the bags are made to look trendy over usage, and where did the bags come from in the first place they weren’t made in the UK!

At the same point people argue about toxic paints and moving the containers to their final destination as someone’s container house. But these eco greens never talk about the cost of doing it in traditional ways or practical solutions. Why am I looking at building a container house? well its not to do with the environment its down to the fact its affordable and I can do all the work myself which in real terms for the UK labour costs 40% of the build cost. Reduce the material cost as well drastically how much are we talking to build a shipping container home in the UK?

In reality people take pride in ownership of a home and isn’t more “eco friendly” to actually be building homes that are sustainable and affordable than arguing about how much toxic paint was used in the original painting? Damage was already done and its unlikely most of the paints people are talking about actually do any harm unless you start messing with them too much.

A container house is something I can see governments not being happy with as its borderline temporary accommodation which also means there must be reduced tax implications on the land that it sits. But for most people its the achievement of being able to own a home that takes priority and a container house can offer that.