Budget Shipping Container Home

I like this container home because its simple. But also because it shows with a limited budget and regular cash flow you can start with a container and work towards a fully functioning home. Yes its nowhere near finished but at the same time its got everything they currently need and is even open to the elements to allow a more natural surroundings way of life. If anything it shows you can go off the debt map and go your on way when it comes to owning your own home. Take your time, do what you can yourself and learn to salvage you can save fortune and get your own home for a small budget.

Shipping Container Home Ideas To Reality

big boom design shipping container home concept

If your looking at constructing a shipping container home one bit of advice I would strongly recommend is looking at other peoples first. Not only those constructed but concepts and ideas. Take for example the “Big Boom Design” above its utilized most of the shipping container and using it on multiple layers. May not always be practical to open the roof up to the elements especially above your sleeping area but at the same time a raised bunk idea could work. Its one of the beauties of shipping container homes is they are an empty box leaving you to decide what suits your needs and what is practical. A small shipping container home may suit many where others want multiple units for family units. The modular system of the shipping container makes all these ideas practical.

All Terrain Cabin – Canada (shipping container retreat)

Keep it modern, keep it simple, keep it outdoors the All Terrain Cabin has been designed within a 20ft container frame which has folding walls and a space big enough for a family of four and even a pet to live in off grid. The advantage this unit does have over many is that it can be transported due to its flexibility of folding up its sides and then can quickly be moved to its new location. The other thing I can see here that hasn’t been utilized though is you could add awnings to increase your outside space for the elements while making them more functional.


All Terrain Cabin - Canada (shipping container retreat) All Terrain Cabin - Canada (shipping container retreat) All Terrain Cabin - Canada (shipping container retreat)

All Terrain Cabin - Canada (shipping container retreat)


Our shipping container home

Currently we haven’t constructed one here although I have worked in the modular industry as well as container buildings in the UK previously. Reason for being slow off the mark is simply been busy with daily life and also looking for the right location to construct. My wife sent me these photos a few years back of someone’s house construction and as you can see (probably the way I am) it would make one fantastic container home.

multi layered container home idea

The whole design is lots of open spaces blended with modular units giving space for a growing family as people can be on their own floor and at meal times etc. be able to all be in the same place. The other factor I like about this home is the amount of land it takes up on its lower level as it will fit on many lot areas here in the Philippines easily and this one is already here in Talisay, Cebu (near us). The other important thing here though is generally city planning isn’t a problem below 4 levels which also fits in with this home and our requirements.

multi layered container home idea

An interesting home that doesn’t look over complicated and if placed right will have the benefit of shade on an embankment or hill during the day giving it a cool airy feel to the home. The other thing I like about it is gaps between floors as it all helps with ventilation. You can either live in an insulated box here for air conditioning or work with the elements to cool the house. If I can find the house will try and visit the owner to discuss the construction and any problems they had but I can see our container home being built with a similar design in mind using concrete pillars for framing.

Phuket Prefab by A Site Specific Experiment

The main idea of bringing in the designs from outside the blog is to show that things can be done via modular and shipping container housing. A Site Specific Experiment offer many designs and projects they have completed in Thailand.

Phuket modular prefab

What I like about this design is its opened up 1/4 of the building to the elements allowing a seating area outside while still under shade. Could see this sort of design being used in many locations including things like sub-division developments where you need an office to show off your designs for the construction site but once completed you can relocate the entire office to a new development.

Phuket prefab modular office

Phuket prefab modular office

I could quite happily see myself working away at the bottom of the garden in one of these being able to shut myself off from noise when I want while still having the light makes a great working environment. Also means I can have tea with my wife on the porch in the afternoons.

Container home – Kharkov Ukraine

The design of the house is simple but elegant using the hillside at the back of the property as a footing allowing also to be used possibly as a wind break from the elements. The openness of the surrounding area allows for the property to have some beautiful views to the pool side of the property. This was part of the design to give 180 degrees of viewing of the surrounding areas giving it a more natural feel to the property.

The decked pool area also gives another area to relax and building the pool long and narrow gives the ability of swimming lengths without too much waste of space. As well as in keeping with the container design of the home.

shipping container home - Kharkov, Ukraine shipping container home - Kharkov, Ukraine shipping container home - Kharkov, Ukraine shipping container home - Kharkov, Ukraine