Shipping container home ideal for student or holiday home accommodation.

The concept and design works well. Its maximising space at the same time offering functionality. The only issue I would have with this design myself though is the kitchen area takes up way too much space. Better to limit the kitchen space to the front section and where the sink currently is a double seated dining table would fit well. The sink could fit easily where the breakfast bar is at the front of the unit. Either that or move the kitchen to the back but its likely to have the problems of food smells near the sleeping area as well as the food preparation near the toilet.

But the important thing is you can get an idea of how much you can get into a container with a bit of planning before hacking the thing up. Space has been maximised in this unit as well as the unit looking very modern and clean. It would be perfect for students or having on the edge of a beach somewhere as a rental.

eco tainers shipping container home