Cutting Doorway Opening In Shipping Container

A quick video showing how easy it is to cut your openings in a shipping container for doorways and windows. Not a lot else to say on the subject except some people may be wary of a grinder which means dropping on to the old jigsaw or if your going high tech a thermal lance cuts through the metal like butter.

House Building From Shipping Containers

There are many locations throughout the world that house building from shipping containers is not only viable but financially beneficial. The main reasoning behind this is primarily for those looking to do house building themselves. The shipping container as a building block is not only robust but is built above housing code expectations for a building. They may initially seem a small building block until you start cutting and adapting them something that those with even limited skill and knowledge around the construction site would be able to manage. In reality a competent DIY person could just as easily complete house building from shipping containers as a local building contractor.

Initially the project will seem daunting but that is another advantage you have with the shipping container as its already a completed unit. Your cutting away rather than trying to work out how do I build a second floor? how do I build a roof structure? In reality your actually going to be removing sections for doorways and the awkward bits such as insulation you can even get specialists in to help you.

The concept of house building with shipping containers has grown hugely throughout the current fuel and housing crisis. Some talk about it being green but I am not green in the way where I wake up and ride a bicycle to go to work and lets face it the green movement hasn’t grown that fast since 2008! In reality people are looking to save money on construction, others are looking to be able to build a sustainable home that is also minimalistic which also means reduced bills for electric,water and gas. If anything the shipping container homes are part of a price conscience revolution over anything else.

But what about all the negative stuff out there about shipping container homes? Look at them and how many are opinion only? to be honest I haven’t come across anyone so far that says its a bad idea that has even visited a shipping container home never mind constructed or lived in one. Everyone I know with a shipping container home loves them and on top of the reasons above you have the added benefit of being able to build modular and as your budget allows. How many other houses can be constructed that way?

If its not catching on with some people its probably more likely they lack the vision or the desire to own one rather than even looking at the benefits. For me it has one huge benefit at least 40% cheaper than conventional construction. Don’t know what that means to you but in the UK that’s 10 years of slave mortgage payments I will never make.

Shipping container holiday home – Port-a-Bach – New Zealand

A bach is a name or term giving to a small building often holiday homes or beach houses in New Zealand.

Cecile Bonnifait and William Giesen of atelier workshop have built this one and the lowering of the one side that seems to be very common in single unit containers has been used to open up the container for more space and light. To maximise the space even the opening doors double as a bed space. It can boast enough living space for 4 people which is a bit of an achievement in such a tight space at the same time its a holiday home so the point is to spend more time outdoors. As you can see from the layout though a lot of time went into the design and I am more than impressed in the use of the limited space they have including the Murphy bed that gives a double usage for the central floor area.

On top of that the unit is designed to be mobile and I believe comes with its concrete blocks for its foundation. Only concern with that though is people buying or wanting one of these if they buy them is making sure they have level ground as for several years myself when furniture making you would get people order furniture who suddenly realised after it arrived it didn’t fit in the house even though they had been asked several times to measure doorways and stairs before they ordered anything. With a container home its a bit more complex as the delivery driver wants to go and won’t hang around when people start to get shovels out because they haven’t checked the ground. At the same time that responsibility doesn’t fall on the designers and builders of this home but a cautionary note if anyone buys one.



Shipping container holiday home - Port a Bach - New ZealandShipping container holiday home - Port a Bach - New ZealandShipping container holiday home - Port a Bach - New Zealand Shipping container holiday home - Port a Bach - New Zealand Shipping container holiday home - Port a Bach - New Zealand  Shipping container holiday home - Port a Bach - New Zealand  Shipping container holiday home - Port a Bach - New Zealand