Beautiful Houseboat In Vancouver

Vancouver Marina is the home of todays floating house, owned by Doug McClelland and Anthony Tucker they decided to position they’re newly constructed boat house alongside some amazing yachts and boats of the rich and famous. The new home stands out as the most modern and newest of additions to the marina but also taking on extra windows for natural light and its sleek modern design makes it hard not to ignore especially with its panoramic views from the roof deck seating area.

beautiful house boat in Vancouver

The exterior of the house although modern still takes on a nortical nature due to its cedar wood panelling with clear coat finish which contrasts against the the corrugated steel which was an addition to pay hommage to the old boat sheds that once existed along the old Coal harbour marina. Although a shiny mirror type finish was used instead of the dull grey finish normally associated with the old boat sheds. The house is sited on a 8ft deep concrete floatation that is filled with styrofoam. "It was pretty tricky for the engineers and the architects to fit everything we wanted and needed into a 20′ x 45′ footprint, while still keeping the house stable and floating levelly," McClelland says.

sitting room

Although a little limited in space the use of natural light as well as natural colours in the home gives it a feeling of being much larger than it is. All spaces have been maximised which gives it a homely feel.

dining room

The Dining area seated next to the sliding doors means that when entertaining guests or choosing to eat out on the terrace is always an option to relax or entertain within easy reach of the kitchen.

IKEA kitchen

The kitchen is spacious and well laid out utilizing a JennAir down-draft fan behind the cooker top has allowed the saving of space compared to a normal full cooker hood."We really wanted the cooktop in front of the window, but we didn’t want to have a conventional fan hanging over it," says McClelland. The down-draft fan rises out of the counter and outputs exhaust below the counter.

IKEA kitchen

Making the kitchen feel light, airy and clean the use of white granite worktops, glass subway tile splash backs and IKEA light maple cabinets keep the kitchen in keeping with the rest of the home while giving a real sense of space. Going for an extra tall refrigerator from Blomberg means you get more space utilized due to limited width in the house boat home. The lighting system from Robinson Lighting also finishes the kitchen off as it reflects off the worktops and brightens up the kitchen.

small office made to feel bigger by use of light and the use of rectangular paintingsMaster bedroom with beautiful viewsclean and airy bathroom using a large mirror to create a feeling of space as well as a rectangular sink to maximise the space.light and airy guest bedroom with windows on multiple walls to create the feeling of openness while allowing in lots of natural lightRelaxing roof deckRelaxing roof deck

The entire home has been thought out thoroughly and its dimensions aren’t far off a shipping container home at 20′ x 45′ and does show how a bit of thought on the design aspects before you start as well as sourcing the right materials can make all the difference on the finished product. A beautiful home that is fully functional on a small footprint.

Shipping Container Home – Why build with shipping containers?

Many people get puzzled by the fact others are choosing to build a Shipping Container Home never mind wanting to build one. In reality a Shipping Container Home is cost affective but not always in obvious sense. Out here in the Philippines for example shipping containers are getting close to construction costs using concrete. The differences are though by building a Shipping Container Home you are likely to be building a smaller better designed home compared to conventional structures. On top of that utilizing more local materials than you would normally you can see the project being environmentally friendly as well.

But it doesn’t stop there because I know people start to calculate in fuel costs to get the shipping containers to site and the detoxifying the containers before use. But what about aluminum containers as they also exist. What about the fact because you built a smaller Shipping Container Home than you would have built a normal home means your heating and cooling less giving you a lower carbon footprint long term? In fact most people using containers for home are happily minimalistic and looking for a more outdoor surrounding rather than bricks and mortar. This means the inside space may be smaller but also that your more likely to sit on a porch or have an outdoor dining area giving a more friendly environment to live.

These are but a few reasons I choose shipping container homes over conventional structures.

2 Bedroom Shipping Container Home

2 bedroom shipping container home

At first this shipping container doesn’t look like much but its actually maximised its space pretty well to provide 2 good sized bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, washer and dryer area,dining area and kitchen. There seems to be an absence of sitting room but could be utilized in the corridor between the two bedrooms as it appears the owners spend their spare time in the bedrooms (judging by the TV in there). The shipping container home has a good size of kitchen which is a must for many. My wife loves cooking and its the one area she would love to be big wherever or whatever our home is. Good use of space throughout this shipping container house.

image image kitchen - Shipping Container Home  kitchen - Shipping Container Home Dining Room - Shipping Container Home Toilet - Shipping Container Home Toilet - Shipping Container Homekitchen - Shipping Container Homekitchen - Shipping Container Home Washing / Dryer room - Shipping Container Home Shower Room- Shipping Container Home Main Bedroom - Shipping Container HomeMain Entrance Glass Doors - Shipping Container Home Main Entrance Glass Doors - Shipping Container Home Corridor- Shipping Container Home Main Bedroom - Shipping Container Home Second Bedroom - Shipping Container Home  Second Bedroom - Shipping Container Home


Adding a balcony to a shipping container home

shipping container home

The design above is a good example of integrating a balcony area as often it gets overlooked yet could be a view over the ocean, BBQ and dining area, or simply an external sitting and entertaining area. The other thing I like about this size of unit as well though is it can maximize the 2 x 20ft containers by joining them together in an L shape then using the balcony to complete the unit as a square. Giving a modern looking home which doesn’t look too obvious of its shipping container roots with the over cladding.