how to remove a shipping container side panel

As you can see its a simple method of removing a side panel on a shipping container. I would be looking more for a safer method of doing it but you can see the end result opens up the design ideas.


removing shipping container side panel

Interior Design Ideas For Shipping Container Homes

Shipping container on truck

When looking at shipping container spaces the first thing you will normally hear is “they are too small”. At the same time in the UK there is a love of garden sheds as workshops,cabins,offices,storage all a lot smaller and less comfortable than a shipping container conversion. Here we can see the same space being used by for many different uses. Showing that it can be a comfortable addition to a home as well as a retreat or even a budget hotel room. I quite like the idea of the building design being used as a beach house sitting high up to allow the cool breeze to pass through the building. offices at industrial estate offices at industrial offices at industrial offices at industrial offices at industrial estateShipping container kitchen areaShipping container bedroom easy conversion for hotel roomsShipping container childrens playroom or weekend retreatShipping container childrens playroom or weekend retreatShipping Container Office Shipping Container Office Shipping Container Entertainment RoomShipping Container Entertainment RoomShipping Container Weekend RetreatShipping Container Weekend Retreat

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Lots of layout and design ideas to show even a single 20ft Shipping Container can be a very usable space.

Children’s loft bedroom designs

Sangiorgio Mobili have come up with some fantastic loft bedroom designs for kids. They show minimalistic neither has to be dull or clinical in design. Utilizing interesting shapes in the designs as well as bold colours it gives a bedroom area that the neighbours kids would be envious of. At the same time not losing the concept of being minimalistic and practical at the same time which makes them ideal for shipping container homes where many of the bedrooms are in smaller spaces. 

childrens loft bed design childrens loft bed design childrens loft bed design childrens loft bed design childrens loft bed design childrens loft bed design childrens loft bed design childrens loft bed design childrens loft bed design

Sunset C192 – Cargotecture

sunset C192 - cargotecture

Sunset Magazine requested HyBrid Architecture to design the Sunset Idea House for 2011.  The c-series represents a series of pre-designed,  factory built units that can be combined or customized as desired. The house was debuted at Sunset’s annual  Celebration Weekend  in Menlo Park As you can see from the home its simple but functional. The added features such as the ramp also lend the idea towards elderly users as the house is mainly on one level. Add to that a practical but functional garden this home pretty much has it all in a tiny footprint. The sleeping capacity of the home is a maximum of four and the home is powered by its solar panels.

shipping container home layout

interior framing

Its one of the best examples I have seen with a single container unit especially utilizing the sitting room sofa as a fold out bed. It maximises space at the same time allowing the home to seem bigger than it is. But then again when you leave your bedroom in the morning how often do you return there? Makes sense for it to become the sitting room and this is how you manage to maximise the space available for this design.

sunset C192 - cargotecture

sunset C192 - cargotecture sunset C192 - cargotecture sunset C192 - cargotecture  sunset C192 - cargotecture

Its also good to see that the concept is starting to go mainstream although I do think the recession is also getting people to look more practically at their housing needs especially with rising fuel prices and no doubt taxes on land/homes. Hybrid Architecture has been busy developing a series of shipping container modular systems for which they coined the name Cargotecture®.

The unit above starts at $59,000 and comes complete for more details contact Hybrid Architecture.

20ft Shipping Container Home Fantastic Design

This has to be one of the best and most functional layouts I have come across for a shipping container home. Utilizing the sofa as a bed the double purpose saves a lot of wasted space but also means that your not having to separate another room as a bedroom, lets face it if your in a 20ft home its unlikely your a family of 4 and maximum is likely to be a couple. This home with its outdoor porch area pretty much fills most peoples needs in a modern funky design.

Los Angeles home utilizes grills for shade– concept for shipping container home

second skin home, cooling grills for house

This unique home is sitting on the steep slope of Crestwood Hills in Los Angeles. 3,700sq ft. the Jovanovich dream home was developed on existing buildings adding to it sustainable and progressive design and construction methods.

Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects were the guys behind the project, adding a second skin layer to the buildings added an assisted shade that protects the building from Californian sunshine and also works to reduce heat build up in the home as well as offering a privacy screen.

An idea that can also be utilized for shipping container homes to help keep the heat out. Either directly or in a canopy form. Not a shipping container home in design but its the grill concept that I found interesting.

los angeles home